Monday, March 30, 2009

A weekend with David.....

The weekend just went to fast,
in a flurry activities.......
David is on his way to Brisbane,
Chloe and Alanah have taken him down, I really couldn't do
it again as I'm exhausted......
They will probably drag him through DFO near the airport,
I'm sure their having fun, as his plane doesn't leave till 12:30pm and
they left at 8 am plenty of time..
As they drove out they were taking photos
of there "road trip"
Country hicks those children of mine...

A quick photo of the men in my life before they
all head in different directions,school, plane, and work.

The boys all spent the better part of Saturday on the
farm branding, ear tagging and lots of fun I think.
I sat in my sewing room and just watched them as I sewed
and unpicked, but that's another post.

Plenty of fighting over whose going to drive the tractor,
but you can see that Will doesn't mind who drives it as long as he gets a ride.

It was a quick visit but one they both needed.
Memory making and isn't that what life should be full of
moments that make up a life time......

Blessings to all


  1. Just to say Hi Mandy. So lovely for your family to be together, all those men in your life. A happy time.


  2. What a fine bunch of men you have, Mandy! Loved all your sewing, too.

  3. What a good looking bunch you've got there!
    You live is such a beautiful area and here I sit in "suburbia"... *sigh*

  4. Hi Mandy

    Lovely photo of your MOTH's (Men Of The House) and pics from around the farm. It feels so good when family are together. Was big bro going to spoil the girls at DFO?

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. Loved another glimpse into your everyday life. God is good, yah?

  6. Just a quick hello, to say I'm still around, but life's been a bit busier than usual.

  7. Love the photo of your boys together. So glad you all had a good weekend I love it when my son can get home which I think is never often enough. Hope your DS arrived back home safely.