Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday was Cassandras Birthday......
Only she isn't here....she is still away on camp and I have
to tell you things are certainly quiet here without her....
You are now 13. Wow 13 You are a young lady now
with so much ahead of you....Having 3 older sisters Cassie
has never lacked for girlie things that's for sure....
I wonder what you where doing on your B/day? hiking? camping? swimming
I have never had one of the children away on camp before on there b/day........
I'm sure she is having fun anyhow...

The boys pajama pants are all made, they loved the pirate

material, now I have the girls to make. Hopefully I'll get another

3 pairs made today, before I have to take the boys to soccer training.

Tomatoes must be in abundance around our area at the moment

as people have been dropping some off nearly every day.

Yesterday I thought that I had better use some of them to make

Pasta Sauce...I use alot of pasta sauce around here. I don't make much

relish or chutney as we don't eat alot of that, so I

tend to use the toms more in making tomato sauce and pasta sauce.

The only thing I had to buy was the onions and vinegar as

the chili, capsicum and herbs came from the garden.

I'm not one for recipes as I tend

to make it up as I go along, but I will give you a general idea..

Pasta Sauce

4-5 k.g tomatoes

4 onions

2 chillies

6 sm capsicums

1 large bunch basil

same for parsley

1 cup cider vinegar

salt and pepper.

Cook until well boiled down.

I then blend about 3/4 of the sauce as

I like a pasta sauce to not be to chunky.

Then bottle...


The weather has really cooled down around

here today, so I will enjoy being in my snug sewing room....

Blessings to all


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look what I got!!!!!!

Yesterday after a big day in town ,I came
home to find a parcel waiting for me....

Right away I knew what it would be, but who and where would it be from?

I looked at the postage.....from New Zealand.......

I quickly opened it (and forgot to take photo)

and there it first swap,

a red work cushion....

Thank you Deb I love it, the colours are lovely and I

love Rik-rack and angels.......

As you can see below it looks so sweet on my chair.......That's

pride of place as no-one sits in my chair...

Thanks Maree from for

this wonderful swap...
I really enjoyed taking part and receiving a gift
in the mail when it's not even your b/day...

The weather is starting to cool down at nights here,so it's
time to bring on the winter p.js. Is it only my children that wear
out there pants before the tops...Last year I made my own P.Js and this year
I will make the Children's..With flannelet at only $4.99 per meter
I thought it was worth it.....When i went to pay I found out that it's
on sale for $3.99 a meter,so that was even better...
I will enjoy sitting in my sun filled Dairy sewing away all day...

I hope your day is filled with simple pleasures..

Monday, April 27, 2009

I LIke Mondays.....

Not many people I know enjoy Mondays....
I love Mondays...
It always seems the quietest day in the week to me. Maybe that's
because every one has gone of to school and work.
On Monday mornings when I get up my house looks like a bomb site
after the week end....So Mondays I get in and clean and tidy from
top to bottom, this has been my routine ever since I have had children
and that's along time now......
I did have to go to town today though as I wasn't very organized.
Cassandra leaves for a school camping trip tomorrow for 3 days and we needed
to get a few things. I thought I would get them Saturday when I ran Alanah to
town, only I forgot Saturday was a public holiday...
Never mind these things happen to me all the time..While I was
in town I thought I might as well go to Spotlight and get some more wool.
I am making my Mum a scarf for Mothers day,when I read the pattern I didn't have my glasses
on..I thought it said 2 balls but no it was 4 balls I needed, to be on the safe side
I've got 5 of each colour....The pink is the one for Mum
and the brown/orange one is for me....
They aren't pure wool they are Moda Vera 50% acrylic 50% wool, wasn't much
in 100% wool at all in there...May-be I should check ebay any excuse for me to go on ebay
will do!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a good Anzac Day. Alanahs concert
at school was better than expected, and being the Mum
that I am I have no photos to show as I forgot the camera yes
I know I won't be winning any Mother of the year awards....

Speaking of Mothers
Have I mentioned my No 1 son reads
my blog.....and also
that on the
10th May it is
Mothers Day........



Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm heading outside....

I Awoke like a new woman today
No headache....
Though on the plus side I am well rested and have gotten a lot of
knitting done.......... But as soon as I've done this post I am going outside to stay....
I have some cabbages to plant out and leeks, beetroot,onions
and broccoli seeds to put into trays.....
I also found some Luffa seeds, I know that now is not the time to plant them,
but last summer I couldn't find them any where
so I grabbed them.
For the last two days I have said that I'm mowing the lawn ...
Well today I WILL get it done...
I also have to put new paper into the laying boxes for
the chooks and give there pen I nice clean out....
The paper shredder is one of the best investments
I have ever made......It was only $20 and I use it daily
I through no paper away as I recycle it all either for the
boxes or compost bins.....
I don't have to worry about tea tonight as we have
a community Barby on at the hall.......
This is always a good time to catch up with every one.
I like to help serve that way you get to
say hello to every one and also notice any new faces....

I hope you all enjoy your weekend,
and to my fellow Aussies
Have a great Anzac Day.
We will be going into Helidon for the march and then Saturday
night Alanah's Drama class is having a concert called
Salute To The Anzacs..


Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have had my walking machine for awhile now
and never use it as much as i should, in fact
how you see it folded here is how it's been for awhile.
Today I dusted it of and went for a good long walk
looking at the above view out of my window.
Even though I am so busy around the house I still need to
have that 40mins of walking a day. I know this helps my hips not to ache as much
and also helps the jeans not to be so tight...... lol
But besides that here is the real truth I'm using it.............
Hubby said to me" Gee I'm glad that machine is near the
door as it will be easy to get it out and sell it as it doesn't get used."
What could I say Darling I use it when you are at work..noooooo
as he is here all the time now annoying me and saying stupid
things like that.....And as we all know I can't let him be right as he will
get far to much enjoyment out of that...........Instead now he gets
to laugh at me while I try to ignore him and walk...

Today we have sent alot of cattle of to
the Laidley sales....We are starting to down size
with the cattle as there is getting to many for
Greg to look after....I bet he will be very tired when he gets
home, so I've made one of his simple favorite meals.
Savory mince on toast......

Today is another lovely sunny day,still haven't got to mow the lawn as
my head is still aching.....I'm sick of it now wish it
would go away, but I think I'm going to have to go to the Chiropractor to
get my neck fixed as that is the problem ...
Enjoy whatever it is your doing today......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sun shiny day..

The sun is shinning and the day is beautiful.
Even though I am fighting a headache
the day is still full of wonder.
I have been quietly sitting in the sun
trying to remember how to knit. Last
year my MIL taught me and I made one dishcloth.
With the weather getting cool I thought it was time to start
again. I will learn one stitch at a time, make a good size
block with each stitch and then sew them
all together like a patchwork quilt.
Well that is the plan any-way.
Later on as my head feels better I am planting
seeds and hoping to get the grass mowed.
To me mowing is such a pleasure not a chore.
I hope you are all getting some
Autumn/Spring sun today and enjoying it...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesdays and Teeth....

When your life revolves around a particular day it comes up quick. For
us that day is Tuesdays, chemo day... But every second
Tuesday I have craft which is good as I don't dread
every Tuesday then. Today we are doing Canal Work which
is a form of Folk art I think...Looking forward to it what ever it is...
The seeds where given to me by Chloe's boyfriend. This is the first boyfriend that Chloe has ever had and she is nearly 20........hmmmmm not sure if I like
the boy yet (well man he's 24) but when he is a farmer and grows heirloom
veges it's hard not to like him I spose. Lets be honest is any one out there good enough for my girls????????Having 4 daughters was so cute when they were little
then like there older brother the grow up and
have there own lives......O.K O.K I now I'm ranting but
really do they have to grow up quiet so fast...
Back to the seeds.....I have already been digging up to plant the beet root and
is it to late to plant the onions? Tomorrow I will get
them in the ground...
I had to work to get William to smile,see
that red blotch in the bag..........yep that's his tooth.
This child has so many fillings needed that it is a wonder they don't dob me
in to the child welfare.....I tell them he has the same diet as
every-one else and all their teeth are good, but they look at me
and say "Yes mam I'm sure he does" Then the screaming started as he
saw the tools to pull the tooth out I'm talking about blood curdling
mummmmmmyyyyyyy screams. Then afterwards they
look at me and say "He's the youngest of 7 isn't he"
Mummy's poor baby......
The Children started back at school yesterday. They are in their
winter uniforms now. I love this uniform, the kilts for the girls and the
boys in their ties.....And look at my angel faced baby.
Mummies boy indeed what are they talking about.......

Have a blessed day today

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking Time To Stop......

The last 2 days have been a real break for me.
It seemed like we were in our own little world here on our piece
of paradise.
Our week-ends are usually so full of people that we
don't have time to chill out, but this last few days
no-one has came through our gate. I like visitors don't think I don't
as I am a social person by nature...but you know sometimes
it is good to be away from the world and enjoy your own family.

I have pottered in the garden all week-end,and I feel renewed.
The beans and zucchinis are growing well, we had zucchini slice
for tea one night, just don't tell hubby he thought it
was a quiche...........

Sunday morning I did get up early and went to the markets
before church, I needed some colour around my outdoor areas.
The first picture is some of the plants I got,the saliva's for
the garden I had already planted.

After church and lunch I went back out side' above
is the table and chairs overlooking the pool and cubby.
And Pirate the naughty pup. You can see that look on her
face it says seek and destroy...

This chair is at the beginning of the Rain forest and looks back
towards the house. The one below is in the rain forest garden as well.
As I said yesterday plenty of places to sit relax and have a cuppa.
That is what I am going to do at least once a day,
take my cuppa to the garden and stop and listen to
the sounds of the garden.
I'm sure that this is true for many of us that we don't stop and enjoy what we have in our own backyards..........

Go on take the time to take that cuppa outside,and
sit relax and enjoy!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Outdoor Rooms....

I have been busy cleaning outside.
I have many places to sit and have a cuppa in my garden.
The only problem is I am so busy that I don't take the time to sit and enjoy them,
so on Saturday I got cleaning.
Above is the front stairs to our house and the table underneath
had become a real dumping area. I laid some pavers under here
as the stones were getting a bit thin. Cleaned the table, pulled some weeds
and now it looks a welcome entrance again.
There are plenty of leaves to rake up at this time of year
But that what I love about Autumn.
In the side entrance that leads to the courtyard is the worst.
Again a few weeds to pull and raking to do.

The courtyard got a good hosing down as it was dusty from last weekends work.
More leaves to rake(the compost bin in full)
Furniture washed down, shoe cupboard cleaned out. Then time to sit relax and have a nice glass or two of wine.

I Hope your all enjoying your week-end.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today I have been trying to bring some order to
the boys bedroom, no easy task. Trying to get them to throw things out isn't easy
as every-thing has a story to it. We did manage to get
it all nice and clean. Then we tackled the wardrobes and so the whole room is clean inside and
Winter uniforms are all aired and ready for Monday, last terms
lunch has been scraped from the bottom of schoolbag (I kid you not
the smell is still in my nose) shoes are polished, ready for school..
Then it was onto the fridge.
why o why do I let it get so bad........
There was so much stuff in there I couldn't fit another thing in there.

After the fridge I thought I might as well

clean the pantry. Half way through we had visitors

turn up which is when I realized


talk about embarrassing.Thank goodness it was only in-laws

and they already know I'm

I had to get these jobs done as at the beginning of
the school holidays I said I will get these two rooms cleaned,
well today is the last day so I was out of time...
We have nothing planned for the week-end
which is how I like it.
Theirs no place like home.....
Have a great week-end all.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enjoying The Garden.....

The garden looked so pretty this morning when I got up.
The sun was shinning'
and the garden just sparkled with the sun dancing of
the dew.
Every-thing is so lovely and green after all the rain, and it all looks
so clean. I think all the trees look so much greener as they have been washed...

I've been busy in the house.
It was time to make another batch of soap.
I love the home made soap, this time
I put some fresh lavender into it and some
lavender oil. Smells Divine.

Well I'm of to mow the yard now that Greg is awake,
I started it this morning but stopped when Greg had a sleep.
I enjoy mowing I find it so relaxing as no-one
bothers me at all...

Blessings to all

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News!!!!!

You all know that I was dreading yesterday and what the doctor was going to tell us.
The Doctor couldn't explain the scan....
He said that the tumor has shrunk, that it is about
half the size that it was...
Now remember this same doctor also said that
the chemo won't shrink , but it may help to stop it from growing..
And he was right.....the chemo didn't shrink it.
We believe that God shrunk it.
All along Greg has said that he is believing for a miracle.
Well that's what we have got....
I know that the battle isn't over yet,
but I also believe that this is Gods battle.
There is nothing that we can do in ourselves
through God all things are possible..
There is still a long road to travel, chemo will still be
weekly and in another 3mths there will be more scans.
But this I know for sure, when I look at my husband I will
no longer see a cancer victim instead I will see
a miracle.
You my blogging friends are a part of this miracle,
you have been praying for Greg as well
Thank you for your prayers.
And let as all thank God today
for the healing that has taken place in Greg.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contentment In My Life.......

It's finished.....
I sat there watching T.V and getting the
boarder on last night. When Robbie woke up this morning he
was covered in his new quilt........
I have enjoyed the slow pace of sewing and then the hand stitching
at nights to get the boarder done, there is a peacefulness
that I enjoy in the rhythm of sewing.
I am glad that my contentment comes from my simple living,
not perfect by any means, but the deep joy that as
a woman I get from living the fullness of my life.
I suppose this quiet, long week- end has given me a time to reflect on my life.
Looking back I know that the times that I have been happy and fulfilled
in my life, have been those times when I have been happy
in my God
given role of Mother and wife.
This doesn't mean that I don't have a life because this is my life.
I life that I love and find contentment in.
There is a lot of people I know that think they have it better because they both work and
there house is filled with beautiful things.
But they are not happy or content to be home. I know for me I couldn't
be happy to live like this.

Life doesn't always go according to plan that's for sure. But in those times is when
I am thankful for being here in this place. To go out and enjoy my garden
or go for a walk up the paddock, or even just sit and sew in the dairy..
This is my life, and I am thankful every day for it.

Today Greg gets his results back as to how the chemo is working,
This has been on my mind these last few days
and why I have been reflecting on my life. But I know one sure thing and that is
we can and will get through this season in our
lives, no matter what today brings.....


As you can see above the finished project is a
fence like structure. Hmmmmm
not sure what you'd call it, but it is growing on me, and
it will stop the dogs from running through here
and making a yes I think I like it......

Blessings to all

Monday, April 13, 2009

Enjoying the week-end....

Are you enjoying your Easter break?
Things have been plodding along slowly here.
On good Friday we had some of the hubby's brothers and sisters over for lunch.
Only 5 out of 10 were here as the others were away.
And yes my husband is one of ten children, makes my seven a poor effort indeed...
Your probably wondering what the building is.
That makes two of us!!!!!!!!!!!
No truly I have no idea what is happening.
Brother Phil and Greg are making IMPROVEMENTS
I'm scared I really am...
I think Greg is the job boss as he sits there telling Phil and Robbie what to do
( I have a few ideas about telling them where to go)
I will keep you posted on what is happening...

Alanah has not long been home from her week end of camping.
She has had a wet but fun time camping at Easter fest up in Toowoomba.
She even got her photo in the local paper on Saturday
with her friends she was camping with..
Here are the younger 3 with there chocalate stash.
Happy faces all around..

I have spent the last 2 days sewing as it has been to wet to do
any thing out side.
I feel rested because of the slow pace, I love this weather.
Misty and raining and some times cool enough to wear a shawl
Enjoy your day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Every-one here is still sleeping,
must be the school holidays.

It is so lovely and quiet and I have managed to get the computer
first, now that just never happens.....
I hope you are all enjoying the holidays as much as I am.
Above is a little stool that I have redone, it was black,
I think that it's turned out lovely. It was a family effort as Robbie sanded
it down, Greg painted it and all I had to do was recover the cushion...
Yesterday when I was in town I thought I'd drop into my favorite second hand shop
empty, not a thing left, no sign on the window NOTHING.
When I told hubby about it he couldn't see the problem or why I
was so fact he said I have so much junk
(junk indeed) I could start my own shop!!!! Hmmmmm
now that has me thinking.......

This is my new garden out the back door. The hot sun really belts
in here in Summer, so I am going to plant
a Golden Rain tree in there. I have one in the chook pen and
I love it, but that is the other end of the yard.
I don't want any thing that will grow to tall, and these trees spread out lovely
as they grow. I will put some lavender as a border in there as well
until the tree gets large enough that it doesn't look bare.
Well their is starting to be movement around the place
so I had better get breakfast cooked.
Pancakes with Canadian maple syrup

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This and That.....

Yesterday was Craft day....
It was up in The Old Dairy.
We had a lovely time chatting and doing some hand work.
All the Ladies have finished there quilts now so next fortnight we
are going to learn something else.
Canal painting...We are very blessed to have Cindy that is willing to teach us these amazing crafts. Many years ago I learnt folk art, so I am looking forward to doing the Canal painting.....

Isn't this little box ever so cute...Kay one of the ladies from our group made it for me.
I will be able to put lots of bits and bobs into it....
Alanah is sporting a new hair DO.
Very concave at the back and a straight fringe at the front....
I think it is very 60s.....

I have been busy getting my scrap booking up to date,I have finished up till the
end of last year and am ready to start a new album for this year.
What are you all doing for Easter, we normally go fishing. With Greg not so well this
year we are having Easter at home and Greg's brothers and sisters will
come over and we will just have a picnic lunch.
Nice and relaxing as we won't be travelling for a couple of hours to go
and fish....I am not a fan of fishing....
I'm of to make a start on Robbie's quilt as I haven't had a
chance yet...Looking forward to that....
Blessings to all

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Break......

After many hours of unpicking and resewing the top is finished.
I didn't mind the unpicking though, it is one of those things that your fingers do
on their own and your mind wonders and you can dream.
This quilt will be Robbie's. The blocks were done many years ago and have been sitting in the cupboard waiting to be put together. When I did the class I wasn't able to get to the last one which explained how to assemble a quilt.
Now I have done those two "stack and whack" quilts I felt more capable of putting it together..
Now comes the part I love QUILTING. Later today I am going
to town to get some wadding and material to back it in and by tonight I should be quilting..
Then again judging by the grass around the place may-be I should
be mowing this afternoon instead....

The grass around the yard is green and growing, but, you can see on the hill behind
it is still looking rather dead....
With the rain we got over the week end though things
in the paddocks should start greening up as well.
We got about80mls all up.
We have a large spotlight on the veranda that Hubby only
turns on when its raining. I tried to get a photo to show you how pretty the rain looked
in the light, but this is all I could get and it not very get the idea I hope...

Today is the first day of our Easter
Two wonderful weeks of school holidays.

So the children are busy earning spending money.
Instead of Easter eggs the girls get tickets to the
Easter fest here in Toowoomba.
Alanah camps for the 3 days with friends
and this will be the first year I have let Cassie go on her own
with friends.Not that she will really be on here own as there are other parents there and her 2 oldest sisters, but she thinks that being able to wonder around with friends is on her own....

Alanah is cleaning the windows in the house. Boy did she get a shock when she realized that it's not just cleaning the windows but washing the curtains cleaning the fly screens and the window sill.
O! That means cleaning inside and out!!!!
She is defiantly earning her $60 as there are 23 windows in this house!!!!!

I have been out digging out weeds in the yard this morning as every thing is so wet.
I will go back out for awhile and keep digging.
I can also plant out my seedling they have grown so much..
All very exciting watching all the new growth..
Have a great day all