Friday, April 17, 2009


Today I have been trying to bring some order to
the boys bedroom, no easy task. Trying to get them to throw things out isn't easy
as every-thing has a story to it. We did manage to get
it all nice and clean. Then we tackled the wardrobes and so the whole room is clean inside and
Winter uniforms are all aired and ready for Monday, last terms
lunch has been scraped from the bottom of schoolbag (I kid you not
the smell is still in my nose) shoes are polished, ready for school..
Then it was onto the fridge.
why o why do I let it get so bad........
There was so much stuff in there I couldn't fit another thing in there.

After the fridge I thought I might as well

clean the pantry. Half way through we had visitors

turn up which is when I realized


talk about embarrassing.Thank goodness it was only in-laws

and they already know I'm

I had to get these jobs done as at the beginning of
the school holidays I said I will get these two rooms cleaned,
well today is the last day so I was out of time...
We have nothing planned for the week-end
which is how I like it.
Theirs no place like home.....
Have a great week-end all.


  1. I can relate. We took up a trouser hem or two and tried on some clothes, but had to stop.

  2. Boys' rooms; yikes! My sons' rooms are almost always awful, especially the fifteen year old's. You did a great job on your boys' room.

    I am lusting after your green garden in the previous post. Adelaide is soooo dry.


  3. Hello Mandy
    You mean to tell me not everyone did their housework in their PJs lol
    Were there many complaints about moving treasured things on to other places (otherwise known as chucking things out or takingot the op shop)

  4. Looks good Mum! I dont think the boys room will stay like that for long though. Oh well.