Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Break......

After many hours of unpicking and resewing the top is finished.
I didn't mind the unpicking though, it is one of those things that your fingers do
on their own and your mind wonders and you can dream.
This quilt will be Robbie's. The blocks were done many years ago and have been sitting in the cupboard waiting to be put together. When I did the class I wasn't able to get to the last one which explained how to assemble a quilt.
Now I have done those two "stack and whack" quilts I felt more capable of putting it together..
Now comes the part I love QUILTING. Later today I am going
to town to get some wadding and material to back it in and by tonight I should be quilting..
Then again judging by the grass around the place may-be I should
be mowing this afternoon instead....

The grass around the yard is green and growing, but, you can see on the hill behind
it is still looking rather dead....
With the rain we got over the week end though things
in the paddocks should start greening up as well.
We got about80mls all up.
We have a large spotlight on the veranda that Hubby only
turns on when its raining. I tried to get a photo to show you how pretty the rain looked
in the light, but this is all I could get and it not very get the idea I hope...

Today is the first day of our Easter
Two wonderful weeks of school holidays.

So the children are busy earning spending money.
Instead of Easter eggs the girls get tickets to the
Easter fest here in Toowoomba.
Alanah camps for the 3 days with friends
and this will be the first year I have let Cassie go on her own
with friends.Not that she will really be on here own as there are other parents there and her 2 oldest sisters, but she thinks that being able to wonder around with friends is on her own....

Alanah is cleaning the windows in the house. Boy did she get a shock when she realized that it's not just cleaning the windows but washing the curtains cleaning the fly screens and the window sill.
O! That means cleaning inside and out!!!!
She is defiantly earning her $60 as there are 23 windows in this house!!!!!

I have been out digging out weeds in the yard this morning as every thing is so wet.
I will go back out for awhile and keep digging.
I can also plant out my seedling they have grown so much..
All very exciting watching all the new growth..
Have a great day all


  1. I love how your children have to earn their treats it is something we do here to.
    I think it grows them into good responsible young adults that know that they have to earn it not get given things handed to them on a gilded plate.

  2. Great job on the quilt mandy. It will be weird to have the kids on holidays and me at work but I have planned some things for after work time like an outing to the pool, park and a late afternoon movie session.


  3. We are starting our two week holiday as well. They kids have been helping too. We have the chook house ready to move.

  4. Ah, I love reading about your simple lifestyle. Reminds me of my childhood growing up in the country. You're doing all the things my Mom did. Unfortunately, I married a city boy, and have been in the city ever since!