Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enjoying The Garden.....

The garden looked so pretty this morning when I got up.
The sun was shinning'
and the garden just sparkled with the sun dancing of
the dew.
Every-thing is so lovely and green after all the rain, and it all looks
so clean. I think all the trees look so much greener as they have been washed...

I've been busy in the house.
It was time to make another batch of soap.
I love the home made soap, this time
I put some fresh lavender into it and some
lavender oil. Smells Divine.

Well I'm of to mow the yard now that Greg is awake,
I started it this morning but stopped when Greg had a sleep.
I enjoy mowing I find it so relaxing as no-one
bothers me at all...

Blessings to all


  1. Great news about Greg will keep up the prayers. the quilt,looks gorgeous.

    And the garden is lovely now if only I had time to sit abnd enjoy it with uyou.

    love and hugs


  2. I wish I had your energy so my yard looked as wonderful as yours!

    Home made soaps are wonderful! Lucky you!