Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News!!!!!

You all know that I was dreading yesterday and what the doctor was going to tell us.
The Doctor couldn't explain the scan....
He said that the tumor has shrunk, that it is about
half the size that it was...
Now remember this same doctor also said that
the chemo won't shrink , but it may help to stop it from growing..
And he was right.....the chemo didn't shrink it.
We believe that God shrunk it.
All along Greg has said that he is believing for a miracle.
Well that's what we have got....
I know that the battle isn't over yet,
but I also believe that this is Gods battle.
There is nothing that we can do in ourselves
through God all things are possible..
There is still a long road to travel, chemo will still be
weekly and in another 3mths there will be more scans.
But this I know for sure, when I look at my husband I will
no longer see a cancer victim instead I will see
a miracle.
You my blogging friends are a part of this miracle,
you have been praying for Greg as well
Thank you for your prayers.
And let as all thank God today
for the healing that has taken place in Greg.


  1. Praise God, Praise God! I rejoice with you!

  2. We'll just continue to pray, too!

  3. We give the glory to God!

    I got goosebumps to hear of this result.

    You can never cease to be amazed by God's hand at work.

    It is just wonderful to read about it happening in your everyday lives today here and now.


  4. Praise God.

    How wonderful he was believing for a miracle.

  5. Praise God! I'm so excited for you and Greg. God does hear and answer prayer. And, he gives us the good sense to follow his laws about eating healthy.

    I think you've been eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that make your body alkaline. According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

    I'm encouraged by your report!

  6. That's Great Mandy...Very Positive News...Best Wishes to Greg..

  7. This is fantastic news! Praise be to God!

    Let's believe that it will be completely gone in 3 months!

  8. Thanks for the well wishes friends...

  9. Oh , you have been on my mind. Continued prayers......

  10. I'm just catching up on your posts and it's good to see some miracles happening. Will think of you in my prayers too!