Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have had my walking machine for awhile now
and never use it as much as i should, in fact
how you see it folded here is how it's been for awhile.
Today I dusted it of and went for a good long walk
looking at the above view out of my window.
Even though I am so busy around the house I still need to
have that 40mins of walking a day. I know this helps my hips not to ache as much
and also helps the jeans not to be so tight...... lol
But besides that here is the real truth I'm using it.............
Hubby said to me" Gee I'm glad that machine is near the
door as it will be easy to get it out and sell it as it doesn't get used."
What could I say Darling I use it when you are at work..noooooo
as he is here all the time now annoying me and saying stupid
things like that.....And as we all know I can't let him be right as he will
get far to much enjoyment out of that...........Instead now he gets
to laugh at me while I try to ignore him and walk...

Today we have sent alot of cattle of to
the Laidley sales....We are starting to down size
with the cattle as there is getting to many for
Greg to look after....I bet he will be very tired when he gets
home, so I've made one of his simple favorite meals.
Savory mince on toast......

Today is another lovely sunny day,still haven't got to mow the lawn as
my head is still aching.....I'm sick of it now wish it
would go away, but I think I'm going to have to go to the Chiropractor to
get my neck fixed as that is the problem ...
Enjoy whatever it is your doing today......


  1. Hi,

    the first photo has the magic inside - I love it very much! It touched my heart and makes me happy! It's so nice!
    I wished I could be there to feel the magic of this moment !!!

    You have a wonderful place to live!

    And, I love the photo with the cows too, because, I love animals so much!

    Great photos!

    I wish you a wonderful day,
    greetings from Germany,


    I have installed a Google-translator on my blogs, so you (and the others too) can read my blogs in your language now :); hope it will help to understand my blogs now too ...


  2. When I was little savoury mince was my favourite meal. I haven't ever made it myself, I probably did but didn't like OK.

    I took a photo of the same salvia the other day. Not a good photo, in real life it is really nice. Sometimes I haven't had much luck with that one, so I am really happy.

    My hips used to hurt. I wear orthotics in my runners, although I am not exactly sure why I don't suffer from it like I used to. The orthotics can be heaven sometimes.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only with an excercise machine gathering dust and a husband who hassles me about it, he he.

    I was out at Laidley last week for a few days, but didn't see your cows there.

    Those balls of wool are great colours, Happpy knitting!