Monday, April 27, 2009

I LIke Mondays.....

Not many people I know enjoy Mondays....
I love Mondays...
It always seems the quietest day in the week to me. Maybe that's
because every one has gone of to school and work.
On Monday mornings when I get up my house looks like a bomb site
after the week end....So Mondays I get in and clean and tidy from
top to bottom, this has been my routine ever since I have had children
and that's along time now......
I did have to go to town today though as I wasn't very organized.
Cassandra leaves for a school camping trip tomorrow for 3 days and we needed
to get a few things. I thought I would get them Saturday when I ran Alanah to
town, only I forgot Saturday was a public holiday...
Never mind these things happen to me all the time..While I was
in town I thought I might as well go to Spotlight and get some more wool.
I am making my Mum a scarf for Mothers day,when I read the pattern I didn't have my glasses
on..I thought it said 2 balls but no it was 4 balls I needed, to be on the safe side
I've got 5 of each colour....The pink is the one for Mum
and the brown/orange one is for me....
They aren't pure wool they are Moda Vera 50% acrylic 50% wool, wasn't much
in 100% wool at all in there...May-be I should check ebay any excuse for me to go on ebay
will do!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a good Anzac Day. Alanahs concert
at school was better than expected, and being the Mum
that I am I have no photos to show as I forgot the camera yes
I know I won't be winning any Mother of the year awards....

Speaking of Mothers
Have I mentioned my No 1 son reads
my blog.....and also
that on the
10th May it is
Mothers Day........




  1. Nice subtle reminder there mum !!LOL
    I used to love Mondays I celan the house FRiday in preparation for the weekend and then alte in that dead zome time on a Sunday I would give it a quick mgoing over again so Monday the hosue would be clean and mostly everyone was off doing their thing now I am not at home to enjoy it! But I do so love my new job.


  2. I don't do Mondays! So you are a way better person than I am!

  3. Hi Mandy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the wool that is in this post, really scrummy colours.

  4. Hi Mandy

    Love the sink/clean dishes /sunlight photo. It is one thing that I wish I had in my kitchen - a window sill. My kitchen is in the middle of our house like a hub so I don't have a kitchen window to stare out of.

    Anyone who gets joy from cleaning their home from top to bottom on a Monday (and actually does it) should get Mother of the Year, in my opinion!

    Have a good week,

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. Thanks Daisymum do you think he'll get the hint lol.
    Thanks Shelby...
    Homestaymama...come on Mondays are good for you the start of a fresh new week every-thing is new again..
    Hi Deb, it is knitting up so nice.
    Joolz, if you saw my house on a Sunday night you would understand why I enjoy getting it clean again.may-be I should do before and after photos..
    Hugs to you all.....