Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Raining!!!

I just went to go out and water my seedlings when I realized it was a fine mist
coming from the sky, but now it is raining steadily..
Now I have some extra time on my hands that I don't have to water.
I have never been one to sow my own seeds as when ever I do they never come up.
Instead I tend to buy seedlings, I have been saving all my trays though and am
now having a go at sowing my own.
Good timing to with the cows eating the last lot!!!!!
I have got beans ,cauliflower and broccoli.
In the flower department foxgloves and hollyhocks.
I have put them all out in the rain
and they seem to be doing O.K. I think for me this is the trick
to sow into containers first then plant them out as seedlings.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the
Community Kidz
Art Exhibition.
If you live in Toowoomba I would encourage you to go and have a look.
It is open this afternoon from 3.30 - 7p.m.
All funds go the Toowoomba Base Hospital Children's Ward....
It is in Hume Street at Christian Outreach Collage.
Just look for the white marque.
Here is Robbie with his 2 art works. The top one was a joint effort with 2 of his mates
so we know there will be 3 people bidding for that piece.
Below is his own work, doesn't he look proud of it.

Also yesterday saw us get Alanah a car. This is a early B/day pres for her.
As she hasn't driven a manual before please remember me in your prayers.
I know all the Mum's that have been through driving with
hormonal 16 year old girls will be
This is my fourth child that is learning to drive
boy I must be getting old!!!!
And NO it doesn't get any easier...
Now the Learner drivers in Queensland must do 100 hours of driving before
they can get their licence. This means that Alanah will have to drive
nearly all the time.
That is why I wanted a car with 4 doors and plenty of school bag room.
As this will be our main car for the next 12mths.
She is certainly happy with it, it will be
a good little first car for her..

It's still raining which is good as it might settle in
for the day. I'm of to put the slow cooker on as it
is soccer prac this afternoon, not that I think it will be on with wet ovals
but it is cool and wet so good stew weather I think....
Blessings to all


  1. Hi Mandy I will be in your position in 41 days time, Im dreading it, lol. This will be my first time as passenger to a L plater. Good Luck

  2. Mandy, your kids are sure good looking! That artwork is cool, too. And, nice looking car!

    I had to laugh about your having to go through teaching yet another of your kids to drive. I only had one son, and my ex-husband did the teaching. But now here I am--the age of a grandma, and the youngest of my homestay students decided to enroll in a driver's ed class in Seattle. So, now I get to be the lucky person to ride along while he practices driving--in my car! I have a manual transmission which means he most always kills the engine when he has to stop and start again on a slight hill! So I am really identifying with you!

    Today is April Fool's Day here, and wouldn't you know it--old Man Weather fooled us with some snow this morning! The flowers are all blooming--it is supposed to be Spring! I guess the joke is on us!
    So no getting my garden ready just yet!

    I have to laugh--my word verification is 'polar' as in polar bear weather! Shivver! :-)

  3. I love both those art pieces... but especially the bottom one! VERY cool!

    Please send some of that rain down this way! I got the crock-pot going this morning and then had to turn the air-con on because it hit 26C!
    We keep getting clouds, but they just blow straight over us and dump their water elsewhere... *sheeesh* !

  4. My MIL is bringing me some hollyhock seeds in a week, I think they are nice.

    I have an award for you.