Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A look Around The Garden.

As I was out gardening yesterday the cows were on the hill
watching and coming down to the fence to say hello.
I was thinking how lovely they are and a shame that they will be going next week.
I went to water the vege patch!!!!!!!!!
Mr or Miss Not me had left a gate open and one of those
not so lovely cows came in and had a good feed
of veges.....
Now I don't think I'm going to miss them as much when they go of to market....

At least the pepper bush is still
going well.

Instead of the vege garden photos you get to see more plants.
If you look closely at the below photo you can see a
black butterfly.
The garden is full of them at the moment, in all different colours and sizes.

I have finished pruning all the front garden and am now onto
the back garden. The Mulberry tree
has had a very serious haircut this morning.
Come spring though it will be full of big fat juicy

The Budlia bush is living up to it's name as
the butterfly bush as it had more butterflies on it than any other plant.

The cool of yesterday is gone along with the promise of rain...
Maybe later in the week we will get some.

Well I'm of to get the children from school and have a look at the art exhibition
they are having....

Blessing to all.....



  1. I love seeing Herefords so I know how you feel. Glad in some ways they made it easier for you. But. I hope they didn't eat too much.

  2. Oh Your Poor Thing all that work you put into your Gardens...they do look kinda cute though..the cows..looking very Innocent too.
    glad you are getting some rain today and the new car looks happy DD there...I've been through it twice that was enough for me...Good Luck.!