Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look what I got!!!!!!

Yesterday after a big day in town ,I came
home to find a parcel waiting for me....

Right away I knew what it would be, but who and where would it be from?

I looked at the postage.....from New Zealand.......

I quickly opened it (and forgot to take photo)

and there it first swap,

a red work cushion....

Thank you Deb I love it, the colours are lovely and I

love Rik-rack and angels.......

As you can see below it looks so sweet on my chair.......That's

pride of place as no-one sits in my chair...

Thanks Maree from for

this wonderful swap...
I really enjoyed taking part and receiving a gift
in the mail when it's not even your b/day...

The weather is starting to cool down at nights here,so it's
time to bring on the winter p.js. Is it only my children that wear
out there pants before the tops...Last year I made my own P.Js and this year
I will make the Children's..With flannelet at only $4.99 per meter
I thought it was worth it.....When i went to pay I found out that it's
on sale for $3.99 a meter,so that was even better...
I will enjoy sitting in my sun filled Dairy sewing away all day...

I hope your day is filled with simple pleasures..


  1. Oh, this is so nice - I like it very much! I am sure it was a wonderful surprice for you after a long day :)! I wish you much fun with it now!

    Have a wonderful day,
    greetings from Germany,


  2. Now you're making me want to get out my old sewing machine and start sewing some flannel pj's for myself! Oh, but wait, it is spring here. I'd better concentrate on my garden. The flannel will have to wait a few months! [smile]

    I love reading about the simple life and wish mine were more simple. But I must remember God wants me here! Tonight I've been helping my kids with their essays for English class that are due tomorrow!

  3. Your red work cushion is lovely and looks great in that chair. The P.Js sound very cosy we are just turning to lighter clothing here as the weather is getting better with lots of sunshine.

  4. Gorgeous cushion - and lovely fabric too. I am busy making some pjs for my daughter's birthday next month with a butterfly print too. But summer weight cotton as the weather is getting warmer here.
    Blessings xx

  5. the cushion Deb sent is lovely..........lucky you.......