Sunday, April 19, 2009

Outdoor Rooms....

I have been busy cleaning outside.
I have many places to sit and have a cuppa in my garden.
The only problem is I am so busy that I don't take the time to sit and enjoy them,
so on Saturday I got cleaning.
Above is the front stairs to our house and the table underneath
had become a real dumping area. I laid some pavers under here
as the stones were getting a bit thin. Cleaned the table, pulled some weeds
and now it looks a welcome entrance again.
There are plenty of leaves to rake up at this time of year
But that what I love about Autumn.
In the side entrance that leads to the courtyard is the worst.
Again a few weeds to pull and raking to do.

The courtyard got a good hosing down as it was dusty from last weekends work.
More leaves to rake(the compost bin in full)
Furniture washed down, shoe cupboard cleaned out. Then time to sit relax and have a nice glass or two of wine.

I Hope your all enjoying your week-end.


  1. Love seeing Your Garden Mandy...No Wonder you are so Busy...It is a Real Credit to You...

  2. What lovely " sit and have a cuppa" areas!
    And I love the different colour schemes!

  3. Gee it looks wonderful, all areas, so excellent. So welcoming.