Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I went shopping instead........

Let me tell you about my first day at the workshop. Imagine being sent into a bull ring and told to catch the bull, you have no idea what to do....That's a bit how I felt yesterday........O.K....O.K I could turn the computer on and pretend I was busy, looked through the bookwork, even though it meant nothing to me.
After about hmmmmmm lets see 80 mins I left.......
And went shopping yep you read right Shopping. Thought I needed a new hand bag and then of course shoes to go with the hand bag.....O! stopped in and got a pedicure as well,theeeeeennnnn Katies had a sale so I got a pair of linen pants and denim jacket........ I just want you all to know that if you ask YES I can justify buying all these things, just give me another day to come up with something......
Apple Tree...
All in all a nice day because even though I was in town I was alone and it was good to be alone. I know that things will be O.K at the workshop, once I get someone in to talk me through things and show me what to do there, their will be no stopping me.....


After my breakdown,( I prefer to call it retail therapy) I managed to go for a nice look around my garden....Spring is here and I feel sad that it is passing me by. Every thing keeps growing though and flowering and shows me that life does go on.. The apple trees I planted are all in flower and leaves are growing...

Look what I found on the lemon tree, truly it seems like every-thing has grown over night. All the citrus trees are in flower, there are mulberries on the Mulberry tree and there are even blueberries that are still green at the moment....The passion fruit vine is in flower and the grapes are starting to shoot....Every where I look there is life, I can see my productive garden starting to take shape....

Today I am having a new septic pit put in so it is busy around here today...I have tomatoes to plant and lots to do in the garden....
Enjoy your day today....


  1. Hi Mandy

    I think you are really brave stepping in to work at your business but maybe that is not the best thing for you to do. It's hard to pick up where someone else left off. Maybe too many memories there too. I hope the business sells soon then you might find you'd like to find another job somewhere else.
    A little retail therapy never hurt anyone and oh, a pedicure - heaven! Good choice! Thinking of you,


  2. LOL.

    The blueberries look fantastic.

    I feel I was in denial about spring and now the pink trees have leaves and all the blossoms are gone.

    I know you will enjoy planting the tomatoes.

  3. Mandy, I am so proud of you as you live by my rule. If all else!!
    Admittedly its only a short term fix but by heck it feels great at the time. you go girl!

    Love all of your fruit trees. I wish we could grow lots of varieties here but the weather down south here just isn't that compatible.

  4. Hmm so new pants and jacket, shoes and bag what a day you had. You'll get the hang of the job and if you don't you'll get someone to do it for you. Your fruit trees, plants look great how cool being able to go out and pick and eat yr own fruit. My strawberries look great till you turn themover and some little slimy slug has chewed them. What a pain. We must have a coffee soon.

  5. One Day At A Time, Girl!!
    And if a new bag etc is what you need NOW, then enjoy it - the computer will still be there tomorrow. And enjoy seeing the fruit growing in the garden - it is a reminder of God's faithfulness. He will always be there for you - even on the days when you are not feeling brave and up to facing the rest of the world.
    Hugs and blessings and prayers xx

  6. Hi Mandy

    Sound like a great first day to me - it is called easing into it.

    I ahve asked my sister to keep her ear to the ground for some one to help you at the workshop. Her daughter is an accountant and there are a few ladies who just do the odd day here and there in a place do the wages, bas, etc then all you have to do its enter stuff as it happens.

    Give me a few more days and I will email you a name and number.