Thursday, September 17, 2009

My poor garden.....

As I sit here remembering how lovely my back garden was with the fruit trees and the green grass...I sigh with satisfaction how lovely every-thing looks, because really being spring the garden is just about at it's peak here. Then I look up towards the dairy

That's right take a look at my back yard now!!!!What a mess they left it in. Remember me mentioning that the septic was getting redone...well they did it alright....Let me just say it looks a lot worse than the pictures are showing.....a lot worse!!!!!!
My poor handy man walked out muttering to himself yesterday about the mess the #@!*& had left us to deal with....and he hasn't come back!!!!! Now I'm not panicking Oh! No! I am way past that now!!!!!Mind you may-be I should just go shopping, no must be strong.... I'm going to look at it like this, in Greg's shed he has a tractor and all the thingies that go on it, well I just have to learn to drive( or is it ride) a tractor put that long whatsie on the back and level it out....( I hope my son is not seeing this post or I'll be getting a phone call) now how hard can that be, easier than book work I reckon!!!!!
Now I am going out to take more photos so you can see just how bad it is, as the camera went flat before and the batteries should be charged now...
So I'll drop back later today


  1. They sure left a might need to
    go shopping (just for a short while). I'm sure in
    no time you'll have it fixed up. Good Luck and
    yes surely your son will have a few things to
    say.....don't they always.

  2. I forgot yesterday to comment about the septic, I meant to.

    On Sunday we went to our new house, they are putting a septic beside the house on the street, and behind too actually, and knowing them out the front! Anyway, the side had our pipes cut, the fence creased, a tree removed, our gate latch not working, I'm sure there is more. We emailed them, scared for my pickets. I feel better today. I hope you get your lawn back how you want it. They scraped our lawn, which is good as it was heavy couch grass, but my husband thinks new seed probably won't take, even though it is the weather for it.

  3. Gosh no consideration of how great your garden looked at all did they Mandy....BUT.... if anyone can get on a tractor and learn to drive it and level everything out it will be you hun. Looking forward to the next update.

  4. What a mess! I think that more women need to start doing the jobs that men traditionally do, because I just reckon that we would be more careful - and certainly more considerate - than they are!
    I won't even tell you my front porch story, and I sure as heck won't tell you that I STILL haven't gotten it fixed!
    But if anyone can learn how to drive (ride?) that tractor, YOU would be the one to do it!

    my word veri. is: sureyo

    Sureyo can do it!

  5. You're doing great, Mandy. I know Greg is very proud of you.