Monday, September 21, 2009

Things are looking up......

These tomatoes are well and truly finished....I need to get in and rip them out and get my cucumbers planted. With all the changes going on around here the vege garden is really suffering. I am missing my time out there and really missing being able to go out and pick my produce.... Work has begun on the new and improved vege garden, I'll fill you all in on it at a latter post.
I have had an amazing day today...My first day at work, and I have to say I loved it!!!! I bet you didn't expect that.....Greg was all around me every where I looked but it wasn't sad, it was comforting to be there, I guess last week was just to early for me to face the shop. What a difference a week makes. Some more news......I had a meeting with some-one that is really interested in buying the girls things are looking up...
Sorry about the gloom and doom posts of late and thanks for being there for me and listening...I had to post this photo of Greg as I love it, that cheeky smile at me while he sneaks in a smoke at a wedding we went to in Dec last year...Look how chubby he is, so cute in that suit....I will be back later in the week, I am working every-day this week to try and learn as much as I can...Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that things are looking up in the Storey household....

Blessing to you all


  1. Hey Mandy

    I think you can be forgiven for the gloom of late. Glad to see things are shaping up to be sunny again.

    I got thrown in at the deep end in our business office back in 2004. I was doing basic office duties and the payroll and another girl did the financials, BAS, etc. We moved into our brand new house on a Saturday in August and she came out and gave us her resignation! no prior warning! That meant that on Monday, I was IT as far as office staff were concerned. I remember bawling my eyes out that first night in our lovely new home, wondering what the future held for me. To this day, I haven't had more than weekends to 'nest'. I dream of a week off where I don't go near the office.
    Anyhoo, it's a bit hard to explain, but we got some 'industry' friends in and they showed me how to do the books using our system on computer, pay the creditors and they did the BAS etc. A few months down the track, we employed a guy and he is still with us and we share the duties. I went from drowning to floating to sailing! That's probably how you felt last week and with each day, you'll learn a bit more and get confidence. Ha, then you'll get a buyer for the business just as you start to enjoy it. With a strong, positive attitude like you have, I think the gloom is destined to disappear.

    Have a nice week,

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. That sure is great news hope that everything
    works out about the business. Will be
    watching for news on the garden. You are so
    right about time making a difference, and
    days will get better as more time passes.

  3. Doom and gloom posts? Hun I'm not worried in the least about those kind of posts.
    Your going through what you're going through, and I don't mind hearing about it at all.
    I'm glad that things are starting to get easier with the business and all, and I'm glad too that you can 'feel' Greg around the place.

    You're an amazingly strong woman my friend, and you've got plenty of people behind you as well!

  4. I don't mind the "doom and gloom" either. You've a right to it:) But, it is good to hear that you're feeling more confident about the business, too. Love the photo of your Greg.

  5. Sharing our tough times as well as our good times is what makes Blog-Friendship so precious. Love and hugs xx

  6. Glad things are going so well Mandy - fingers crossed for the buyer!
    Takes time to settle down and get things into perspective again. Life in the Storey household has taken quite a jolt of late... but you are bouncing back wonderfully. Greg would be so proud of you.

    Veg gardens need regular tending - intensive until things get established and then you can sit back a little until harvest....but it is a pleasure and I find it so therapeutic. When I was working, my garden was my safety valve - no matter how bad the day had been, a few minutes watering or weeding put things right again.

    Thank you for sharing your photo of Greg...I smiled a former smoker I know the relief of being able to grab a quick puff!

    Best wishes,


  7. Doom and gloom? You would not be normal if you didn't feel this way. You have just lost your husband and soul mate, of cause you would feel shattered and sad. This is why we are all here for you and feel for you so much. Mandy you do not have to keep up a brave front here, that is what this is all about, please feel free to express your real feelings as we are right behind you and support you and your family all the way. Take care. Love, Carol

  8. Mandy Never apologise for being honest and getting your feelings out. I am sure you are putting on a brave face for Gregs mum, the kids and your staff at the workshop - we know that you let it all out here because you can - and becase we know you know that we can get you through all this just by being here to listen.

    Glad you are having a great week - working full time is interesting isn't it?

    Love and hugs


  9. Hi Mandy,
    Glad to hear things are getting easier for you. I have been checking in on you, but haven't quite known how to put my thoughts into words. I know how the words and cards sometimes make it harder too. Just know we are all here for you - caring.

  10. Time in the garden is good for the soul. I hope you are able to sell the business so you can move on to tend to other parts of your life that need taking care of. I am keeping you in my thoughts a you work through the days ahead.

  11. One thing my blogging friends let me know right away when Vann passed was that I could post all the doom and gloom and sadness I was feeling on my blog and they would be there to soak it all up. And I know the same is true for you, Mandy. That's one of the wonderful things about this blogging community. The love and support I've felt from everyone has helped me work through those first awful weeks of sadness. We love you, dear, even if we've never laid eyes on you. You're a strong and courageous lady, and I know you'll make a success of whatever you tackle--garden, business, sewing projects, or what have you.