Monday, October 19, 2009

Beachbums for a Day....

With weather as nice as ours there's nothing else to do than pack the bus and head to the beach for the day!!!!!!!!!!!
Well it wasn't really my was Bronwyns, and I must say for once she had a good idea..We went down on the local school bus agggggghhhhh...To say the children were loud is an understatement....

We went to Mooloolaba around to the point..The water was so blue and calm. We set up in a park right there on the beach and had a picnic for lunch.

Plenty of food and we all ate to much of course..Then after lunch Bronwyn and I went for a walk while her husband Dave kept watch over every-thing..We did get our feet wet but that was all..It was nice just to walk and talk.

Below are the girls posing as teenage girls do..
Cassie, Alanah, Ellen and Melanie. Would you believe that Cassie is older than Mel!!!

The day was over all to soon and time to head home.We stopped at the fruit shop on the way home for fruit and vege, then continued home....

Today though it is back to the house and the beginning of a new week...


  1. That's where my girls went to day although we started the day at Cotton tree beach while waiting for eldest DD to arrive to mind the other two. It was lovely sitting on the beach for a couple of hours I havent done that in such a long time. Terrible really considering how close I live to the beach lol.

  2. What a fun day it looks like you all had. Such fabulous weather, hopefully it will make its way across the ocean onto our shores soon. It so cold here today although sunny but we have been getting torrential rain, incredible for this time of year.