Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It rained!!!!!!

Isn't this a pretty picture? It is the path from the courtyard to the back garden. Honestly sometimes when I look at photos on my blog I have to go and have another look as they never look as good in real life as they do in photo form.Before I weeded this path you couldn't see the steeping stones or even the end of the path for grass and he branches on the Mulberry tree. Wish I had of remembered to take a before photo! Now we can walk through there without being attacked by branches.... After I got the path all nice and cleared I went into Gatton to get the sleepers. When I got there they said I could only take 10 at a time because of the weight!!!! O.K I should have realized that. Got home with the first 10 unloaded them.uuuugggghhhhh that's me grunting as I got the railway sleepers of the back of the ute...Then back again to get another 10. Of course driving past best friends place for the 3rd time thought I had better stop for a cuppa.... By this time it is raining and storming, so the dog is sitting in the front of the ute with me...I'm telling you I looked just like a hillbilly. Gave Bronwyn a good laugh any way, just what she needed as she was in bed with a headache and needed cheering up ...glad to be of help. By the time I got back home it was well and truly raining, so I didn't unload the other sleepers till this morning.. My right arm is so sore it hurts to move the mouse.....really....It will be worth it when the retaining wall is done..

This is the sight I woke up to this morning, a purple front yard, isn't it so pretty. Last night we got 40mls of rain !!!!! We sure do need it as my tank was just about empty again and we are very water wise here..I have neighbors that have been buying water for months now. The rain was so heavy that the gutters were running over. This afternoon Robbie and I have o get on the roof to clean all the gutters out as the jacaranda flowers taint the water and we are for cast to get some more.

Meet the newest member of the family, Mindy. This is Williams kitten she is only 6 weeks old and so tiny and playful.
This morning I am going to craft. I haven't been since Greg has been gone. I have decided it's time to stop hiding at home and the workshop and to get out...I don't know why I am finding it so hard as I love people and my friends...So this week is new beginnings for me. On Sunday I was invited to a ladies group on Wednesday afternoon so I am going to that as well...I know Greg wouldn't want me sitting around feeling sorry for myself... So I'll have a quick cuppa and chat with the girls and get to the workshop in time for lunch...The boys lunch that is not mine as I won't need any after craft...

First I have to pull the carpet up in the office here...Look at the stains on it. This is the last room left to do, all right I won't do it Know but guess what I'm doing on Saturday????
Blessings to all...


  1. We did not get one drop here last night. Ten minutes down the road they got 41mls,It will come soon enough. I guess we shouldnt be too greedy we got 34mls the other week Enjoy your craft day tomorrow.

  2. So glad to hear that you're getting out and doing things, Mandy, even though that doesn't take away the sadness! That's a nice picture of Greg on your sidebar.


  3. That is fantastic about the rain, craft and the kitten Mandy.

  4. Mindy is gorgeous Mandy, what a little poppet. Great to hear you are getting some rain, we have been getting quite a bit here also but don't need it anything like you guys do. That first photo of yours looks like a painting, beautiful. Have a lovely time with craft and the ladies, Greg would be thrilled that you are going to do it.

  5. Hope your new sewing group was Enjoyable....Glad to hear you are getting out & about too..