Friday, October 30, 2009

A pity party......

I am missing my life. Now I know that seems a strange statement to make so let me explain.. Each morning I wake up and rush and get ready to go to the workshop, then it is all a blur until it's time to get the children from school. Then there is some shopping to do for tea, rush home help with homework and get tea ready... Today I have stopped...........
I don't even recognize myself any-more. I have run out of hand made soap and I love making soap......Baking ha, these days I don't have time. Gardening double ha and as for sewing, what's that??? Now you see why I called this post "Pity party" cause boy am I feeling awfully sorry for myself. I suppose I am missing my old life, my life as Greg's wife or as he used to joke Mrs Happy Homemaker.. I know that life never stays the same, because life is a journey. It's just that I feel that I am being forced along this path and I can't go back.
So things have to change...I know there are so many working Mums out there and you all manage to juggle every-thing, well give me some tips....
I do know that as a Christian God is in control of my life, and I also am a firm believer in that good will come from every situation, I just can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and when I do see it, it happens to be an oncoming train.......
I need to get myself into a healthier routine...I'm thinking......I will try going into work later in the day so a get a couple of hours in at home first..I know that as I'm learning more I am getting work done faster at the shop, and I need to be there over lunch time. I will see how the next week goes as I try this... I am feeling better already after having a rant.....Thanks for listening not that you had a
Above is the 20 sleepers I got on Monday, soon they will be a lovely retainer wall around the septic pit. See how green the grass is after the wonderful rain we have had...This week-end I will get out and pull some weeds while the ground is still damp. I also have to learn how to use the wiper sniper, now I don't have any luck with this piece of machinery as I can never get it started and if I do the string breaks against the sandstone edging....I think may-be I should invest in a smaller one instead of trying to use Greg's big one...I'll give it another shot , but don't be surprised to see me in the Bunnings on Saturday afternoon.....
Have a safe and blessed week-end


  1. Everyone deserves a pity party once in a
    while. Believe in yourself your doing a
    fine job it sure seems to me. Just my
    opinion but everything cannot get
    done every day, your only one person.

  2. Mandy, you are fully entitled to a pity party. I would imagine that you are the ears for everyone else's so its good that we can listen for you.
    I think as Marilyn said you just have to remember that you are just one person now doing the job of two. Thats got to be hard work and once you are able to look at everything you do by stepping back you will be able to see and prioritise things.
    I understand you trying to do everything as you are probably thinking you need to keep things together and going for Greg- step back hun, Greg would be really worried about you if he realised the pressure you are putting on yourself. Maybe you need to delegate tasks or get someone to help you, think back to when Greg was ill, how did you manage then, its seemed you still managed to do your tasks at home that you enjoyed, so how did the workshop cope. Make yourself a list, allow yourself to ask for help. You are an amazing woman, your life is overflowing but you are only you.... what do YOU want.

  3. Awww darlin'... if anyone deserves a little pity party now and then, I don't think there is a one of us who would deny you the right to have one.
    Things have changed around your place, and it can take a while to get into a new routine and get used to a different way of doing things.
    Don't be too hard on yourself, okay?
    Soapmaking and sewing will be there when things settle down... just do what you can when you can, and the rest will come eventually.

  4. It is a bad time of year for sure, there are probably lots of things to do for the kids.

    I still enjoyed your post pity party or not.

  5. Mandy, Most important make a list all the the things that need doing, then pare it down to the essentials and put it on the fridge and tick off jobs done.

    You will be surprised how helpful kids can be if there is a reward at the end of days work in the garden/house even if they are just doing the fetch/carry. As a single mum I found it made the little ones feel very grown up. Also a little bribery goes a long way. lol.

    Do they have a little vegie garden they can potter around in, to get them use to working in the garden?

    I bought an electric whipper snipper which my elder son had fun with. I just had to point out the difference between weeds and flowers. lol

    ps I learnt through trial and error
    - eldest son good in garden and moving heavy things
    - youngest son good with computer problems and he loved to cook.

  6. I had to go back to work full-time after a few months of being at home. We own a factory as well. The biggest thing I struggled with was not being able to determine what I do in a day. I loved being able to wake up in the mornings and decide my space for the day. My biggest advice is this - I realised that I couldn't drop the things that I loved because I went back to work, but I had to incorporate it all into my day. So there are mornings where I got to work when I got to work - not at some predetermined time - but when I had finished what I wanted to do that morning. Sometimes I don't get into the office until lunch! But I am far more productive and motivated at work because I'm not thinking about what I want to be doing. Try and accept your new role as part of your day along with the wonderful home things - I know this is hard because work is not fun but once you get your mindset there things don't look so bleak. Good luck!

  7. Thinking about you and your family and hoping your life settles down soon.

    I have no advice because I struggle with things as well when I am working.

    There is some great tips in these comments though.

    Take care of you Mandy.


  8. Maree Rose that's just what I did today went in to work when I had done all that needed doing here at home.
    Francis I do deligate out to the children as they all have there daily and weekly jobs to do.
    Thanks for letting me vent like that and then be nice about
    Love to you all

  9. Hiya Mandy,

    You do it all better than most, I think. Just remember, life is too short to stuff a mushroom. (Can't remember wher I heard that , but it's made an impression)

  10. Dear Mandy,
    I came across your blog a few months ago. You are truly an amazing woman. I have been reading through your old blogs.
    My dear friend's husband died about 5 years ago and she was also a homemaker with children and loved doing all the things you talk about. I remember her feeling that her future had fallen down mid flight and she also had to re enter the work force.
    She found she didn;t work everyday but tried hours between school. She also lived by drawing up a timetable for the week to see exactly what she had to do and schelduling in work hours and 1 positive me thing to do for herself every day that did not include the children.
    Also she decided to pay someone once a fortnight to cut the block and whipper snipper.
    Sorry to go on but be gentle with yourself and take a day at a time and ask for help.
    Lors x

  11. Hi Mandy, just hang in there. You are doing well whatever you do. Can't give any advise as I am just hanging in there along with most of your blogger friends but we are all here to prop you up if you need us. Love Carol. PS the email address that I have for my google account is not the one I have now sorry but don't know how to change it. Carol

  12. I surely understand, Mandy. Although I don't have children at home like you, the loss of my husband Vann is a bigger life change that I can easily deal with--although I'm give it my all and trying to get on with my life. It's hard when you're responsible for everything, all the everyday little and big chores that have to be done, and all the while you're grieving the loss of your best friend and partner. It's hard, Mandy, but we just have to trust God to see us through. He will.