Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swaps and gardens.....

Look at all this loveliness..This year I was a part of a birthday fat 1/4 swap organized by the wonderful Maree...All this wonderful bounty above is from my swap buddies Shelly, Kerry,Vanessa, Joanne and Jo...Thank you so much ladies I love them all. And the little extras as well, Lace, butterflies, hangers and handmade cards...Now I can't wait to get out to my sewing room and get some sewing done....

It's not just sewing that hasn't been getting done...The garden is pretty sad as well.

It is so very dry here...Brown is the main colour around here. Even the veges are all bolting or wilting..My pots of colour bring some brightness to the back yard.

Don't be fooled by this green, this is kept green by the washing machine water..The flowers are on there way out and are past there best...I am certainly seeing what is hardy and what isn't. Some of my favorites are roses, saliva's and geraniums.They don't need much watering at all and are all doing well.

Today has been spent at school with the children, and tonight we have the children's Awards Night...So no guessing what my next post will be about!!!
Untill then....Blessings..


  1. I love gallipoli heath and snapdragons. My daughter commented today that where we travelled today had shorter grass. Nearer to home I saw some grass by the side of the road a bit taller than the fence.

  2. Gosh your fabrics are a bundle of yumminess aren't they. Your plants are flowering beautifully Mandy.

  3. Those fabrics are simply gorgeous!! I'm not a sewer, but oh Lordy... they make my fingers ache to try!

    We've gotten lots of rain this year (in S. Vic) and just last week, they dropped our water restrictions back a bit! We can now take showers longer than just 4 minutes!
    With all the rain we've had, the weeds out the back are thigh high... so with this beautiful day we've got today, I'm going to try and get some yard work in!