Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a busy couple of days it has been around here. Tuesday was my birthday, so the children had me up early opening presents. I also got a cuppa in bed with chocolates for breakfast, a good birthday breakfast I think...I worked until 1p.m then my best friend Bronwyn came and took me out to lunch and for a pedicure.........Heaven........All in all a good day yet at the same time such a sad lonely day....Greg loved birthdays and he loved to spoil me, he would always buy me the most expensive but useless b/day presents, one year I really wanted a worm farm and instead I got a beautiful ring...Guess what I missed this year....yep another ring or wine glasses or something else that I didn't need...What I am finding is the things that used to annoy me are the very things I miss......go figure....I am glad that mine was the first b/day without Greg and not one of the children..That would have been to hard on them.
Alanah, Chloe and Damion cooked tea for me...fettuccine, they did a lovely job...Chloe made a caramel mud cake for me. See the number candles yep it says 32 ha ha they thought that was funny........hmmmmm what was I doing 12 years ago, I was pregnant with baby No 6.....Yes well enough said about that.

The tomatoes are looking well, so far the wind hasn't damaged them...Yesterday we had 2 hail storms within an hour of each other thankfully the tomatoes weren't damaged.

Here is Handy Andy working on the tractor....update!!!!, it has been sold, but they said we can keep it for 2 weeks to finish the work we started, I think that is very nice of them. So Andy is getting stuck into the work for me, I will keep you updated.

My to be vege garden is coming along nicely, I can't wait to get out there and start planting, but that will be awhile yet.
Well that's what has been happening around here, now I'm going to see what you have been up to..

I hope you are all enjoying your week..


  1. Hello Mandy
    Happy Birthday for yesterday - mine was Monday 12th and from what I am reading around the net there many bloggers having a birthday this week lol We Librans do like to talk :)
    Sounds like you are all looking forward to the Spring growing season, make sure you keep 'Handy Andy' (does he know you call him that ??) busy.
    Gale force winds forcast down here for tomorrow...going to be cold as well... hope we don't get hail like you had
    Take care

  2. I'm a Scorpio but I can relate.

    I have recently read your last year's birthday, not sure why I was on that page, good to see the girls are still in good form with the cooking etc.

    Sounds like an interesting cake.

  3. Happy belated birthday's refreshing
    to see children that know how to treat
    their Mom. It sounds like you enjoyed
    your day, even though bittersweet.

  4. So good to see you looking bright on your birthday photos - and I am glad the children are working hard to make it special. God bless you always xx

  5. Hey Mandy

    Happy Birthday! (belated)

    Looks like your day was flat out and good fun. Who could say no to a pedicure! Lovely that the girls cooked tea and the cake for you too. Spoiled rotten!
    The garden areas look great - all ready for planning and planting.
    We've had nearly 2 inches of rain since Monday - I can't remember it being so wet for years and its cold too - 14C yesterday. Brrr! Oh, to be in Qld...

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Happy Birthday, Mandy! Sorry the wishes are so late, but they did have to come all the way from Texas, USA after all. :)

    Here's hoping the coming year is filled with blessings for you and yours.


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yeah hey I think we are the same age I never knew!! Sorry for the sadness as well, glad you had a nice day though thank heavens for good friends and great children.

  8. Happy Birthday Mandy, you are one cool lady. Carol

  9. Happy birthday! October is a great month to be born (speaking as an October baby myself.)


  10. Happy Day! Great kids there. I've been thinking about how much you miss the things about Greg that were the most annoying. God teaches us through opposites, indeed!

  11. Mandy

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!Can see you had a wonderful day - the new vege garden looks BIG???!! Lots of work there in the future.

    Have a great week

    love and hugs


  12. Mandy, many happy returns for your birthday (belated unfortunately). What a lovely group of kids you have to treat you so wonderfully on your very special day. I am so thrilled.
    big hugs Deb

  13. Happy belated Birthday, Mandy!
    I'm so glad to see on smile on your face on your special day... but kids are good at that, aren't they?