Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a mess....

Sometimes I wonder what I am thinking????? Like yesterday afternoon when we decided to move rooms around......aaaagggggggghhhhhhh
Don't you think that Alanah's face says it all....Alanah has moved into the boys room as it is a lot more private and has a lot more wardrobe room. Robbie has moved into the spare room...as there are 5 yrs between Robbie and Will I have given them there own rooms...I think they need a room each more than we need a spare room..
William has moved into Alanah's room ( are you following so far????) it needs a paint job to get rid of the pink walls and the beds are to be swapped over yet....

I will show you photos latter in the week of them all finished I hope.....


  1. You are insane woman....why do you do this to yourself??? Haha, with no spare room where will your favourite son and daughter in law sleep when they come to visit??

  2. I am happy to see those two with a smile on their face. I hope you survive it OK Mandy!

  3. Hello Mandy
    Looks like Alanah is saying 'right the sooner all this stuff is out of here the sooner I can get mine in!" lol
    When will you get round to the decorating or could you trust the young uns to have a go themselves?
    Take care

  4. Willima looks happy tome hey I got a big room all to myself. Pretty chuffed if ya ask me!!! Go William.
    How are you girl, looks like your keeping busy thats what I think. Busy so ya don't have to think. I did the opposite dropped my bundle and if Ashleigh & Danielle hadn't been here I wouldn't have got out of bed. Good on you for keeping on moving. thinking of you lots
    Mwah x

  5. Sounds like your playing "musical rooms."

  6. And of course you didn't think to do this on the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!! I love it it sounds like somehting I would do (if I wasn't working and was ever home). Can't wait to see the photos!!

    Have a fantastic day