Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rainy Days..........

Today we are lucky enough to be staying home as the creeks are up again...1oomls since last night. There was still water in the creek from the last rain 2 weeks ago, so it hasn't taken much for them to come down.Robbie and Cassandra have been getting there assignments all up to date. They of course got onto the subject of home schooling and why can't they do it like there older brother and sisters...Why not indeed only the timing is not right at this point in time...
Lets bake was my real answer to them. We made a cake then our version of a savory loaf off bread or pull-a-part for lunch, it was nice and warm real comfort food in this weather.

and of course lots of knitting in between...The weather is wet and cool and wonderful, I hope you are getting much needed rain where ever you are...



  1. It's nice to feel cozy in weather like that. Cooking and knitting.

    We've had lots of snow so yes it will be a wet spring for us up here.

    In spring I'm going to do what you did. My dining room table is going to the long sitting room and my sitting room in the dining room. Will see how it goes. I did a musing posting on that.

    Take care.


  2. The weather is glorious isnt it. Im really enjoying this rain. I even made soup last weekend lol.

  3. Hi Mandy, I have an award for you! You can find it here:


  4. Hey Mum!
    Finally got my blog up and going! :):) Call you your time Saturday morning.