Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcoming Autumn....

Slowly, slowly have been the last four days, a time of relaxing and just being home.. Time to bake ,sit in my chair and even do some knitting...O how I have enjoyed the time..A wonderful start to Autumn....I love Autumn it is my favorite season, the turning of the leaves, the cooling of the nights, and so much to do in the garden....
Watching the back room come together as the builder is repairing and replacing walls..I sit with my cuppa and dream about sitting in this room once again, with the Autumn sun coming through the windows. Above you can see though that this window will be closed in to make the spare room more private...

I did do some work though, I got the lawns mowed and the hedges around the pool trimmed. Washing all done and put away before the rain came.

On Saturday I had a lovely day potting up plants for the veranda, lots of colour all around..The bromeliads above I picked up for $10 with the pots, a great bargain...Now they are out catching all this wonderful rain we have been getting..

Saturday Jessica also came home as we had one of her friends engagement party...What a fun night catching up with all the young ones( I feel so old) Below is Jessica Danielle and Ashley sleeping in my bed, I slept in Cassie's and Cassie slept in the fold out bed...
But it was soon over and today back at work.I am going to be busy for the next 4 weeks juggling every-thing but that is O.K as life is a journey and every day is a new day....



  1. I'm pretty sure I couldn't look any worse in that picture! Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed it was very comfortable.

  2. you think have a look at me.

  3. those bromelaids specifically...Tillandsia ?