Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting There...................

My pressed metal panels for the bathroom have finally arrived. I am so happy with them and the pattern I finally choose looks great, the name of the pattern in Magnolia.
We stayed up late last night and got most of the sheets on the walls, we are short a couple as we have had to waste a bit matching up patterns....Robbie and I have come up with a great idea though to use up the left over bits, will share about this another time. Like after Christmas.........

This week end should see the shower and bath going in and by the following week end the bathroom should be finished....
I am starting to worry though that all will not be finished by the time the kids get home for Christmas.....So it may be renovations, and Christmas all happening at once...I am still not even sure where the Christmas tree is going, but the children want to put it up this week end so I had better deceide.....FAST................

Well of to do the bus run


  1. Here i've been thinking that your internet is off again - your blog is not loading on my home computer. But I am at work now, sneaking a few minutes to see what friends far away are up to. The tin work is fantastic. Happy birthday to your darling Greg.

  2. Your New Bathroom walls look are doing a Marvellous Job Mandy...

  3. The pressed metal panels are really nice

  4. Mandy the panels are fabulous. You are such a clever girl hey.

  5. Mine haven't started asking about the tree in that much detail yet, thank goodness.

  6. Gee those metal panels look great Mandy.

    You have a good eye for decorating and you do a really good job with your renovations.