Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Lights and Renovations..........

This year I have been taken over by the desire to light up the neighbour hood...Two years ago most of our lights died so this year I wanted to get some new lights....Well where do you stop? I have Christmas trees at the front gate, on the tank and even one on the roof...see I have problems...
Lets look at some renos..
Below is the door way in the kitchen to the bedrooms..
All closed in....
That room is becoming my bedroom...Tonight I am sanding the wall down and painting it, it will look much better then...I love the big cheesy grin on Williams face.

More lights....this is the front gate...O! I found candy canes to, and these ones are lasting unlike the ones I keep putting on the Christmas tree...

Here is a sneak peak of my new bedroom...
The door to the right is the walk in robe, last night I got it painted and another coat goes on today sometime...By the way I DO NOT LIKE PAINTING....But I will do it as I have to, but let me say again I am not enjoying it!!!!!!!!
To the left is my bathroom....slowly getting there, still waiting on the pressed metal...aghhhhh.

See beside the window the wall is missing...Well pulled these boards out to close up the door way in the kitchen...This week the rest of that wall will come out..Now I do like demolition....

I hope you can understand all my renos, just know I am having a lot of fun and loving every minute of it....
Blessings to all


  1. Glad you are enjoying the renos and apinting is part of that:0)
    The Christmas lights look great!

  2. I appreciate you for posting such a wonderful Blog.If you are planning to go into an indoor gardening, investing in LED grow lights is definitely a wise choice.

  3. All looks good Mandy, from Christmas lights to renovations. Sounds like you are having fun which is the main thing. I look forward to following along with your progress.


  4. Mmm! painting I know how you feel, but you sound like your having fun with the rest of it. Christmas lights become a bit addictive don't they, I just love doing it. One more strand is never quite enough LOL!

  5. Your banner is very pretty, love your decorations. I am enjoying seeing a paint colour that I have dreamt about on the wall, even if I don't like white. We have never painted a kitchen in our life, luckily we are not using it.