Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Early Morning...............

This morning I am awake early... As I sit out on the veranda I can hear our creek running from all the glorious rain we have had in the last three weeks.
What is the most amazing sight is the fog rolling in.....O.K so I am not often on my front veranda at 4.30 a.m so the fog is a novelty for me.....Greg always said that when there is fog it will be a beautiful day.

I hope so as
Today I am meeting my Mum out at Highfields for coffee and lunch, then home..........As The cabinet maker is coming this afternoon to install my walk in robe (I am doing my happy dance) Hey a walk in robe is reason for excitement.....also the rest of the pressed metal arrived yesterday so the ensuite can be finished (more happy dancing)

Tar..........Darrrrrrrrrrr..... ....
Williams bedroom gone and new dinning and TV room...Sorry about the photos but it is still dark inside....All the posts will come out in the new year when the builder comes and puts the support beams in the ceiling.......

So every thing is all coming together.....

I hope you all enjoy your day....


  1. All Your Reno's are looking Great Mandy you have worked so hard to get there...walk in wardrobes are worth dancing for you wil love it....oohh have a nice day out at Highfields I love that place...

  2. Oooh you are so lucky!! What I would do for a walk in robe again.

    Ha Ha how neat just thought I would let you know the word verification word is -bible

  3. Mornings are the best time of the day, it's just a pity that I cant drag myself out of bed early enough. I am hoping, starting tomorrow to get up early and go for a walk. I used to do this and it was lovely in the early hours and made for a good rest of the day.

    Your renovations are coming along well. I cant say I have ever had a walk in robe, so lucky you!