Monday, December 20, 2010

A Storey Christmas.............

Despite the 100mls of rain we have had here in the last weeks, and being flooded in a number of today. Santa still managed to get here on Saturday for our Storey Christmas....Alanah seemed to like Santa a lot!!!! Having all Greg's family here for our annual family Christmas was a great night...Having opened the house up by pulling down the walls was a real success, as there was 40 plus people here and it was raining on and of yet there was plenty of room inside.
Jessica got home here from Roma on Wednesday, and on Thursday night we had our Christmas with her.. As you can see below though there are some missing...David ,Karen and Robbie are still in Charters Towers and won't be home until Christmas eve...I must say though that it was quiet with out Robbie....To quiet I am missing him.

The girls set the table in the new dinning room......We are still working on how we are setting this room up...

The table has moved a few times and on Christmas day we have to fit two tables in ...
Just thought I would put this photo in as it is a good one of the three of us..

Now how did this get in here???????hmmmmmm yes this is my much a waited for walk in robe... all fitted out.....and I'm all moved in, and yes it is all mine and No I don't have to share it....I just have to get the shoe racks put in for my (cough cough 50 plus) pairs of shoes...

As you can see I have had a busy week last week and I am sure every-one will have a busy week this week getting ready for Christmas.....
Blessing to all


  1. That is a gorgeous photo of you and the girls Mandy. The table looks great before, and after with all the smiling faces...

    I really dont know where I am up to with Christmas, my brain is going a million miles an hour but dont seem to be getting very far. Getting off this computer would be a good start lol.


  2. Lovely photos of your family, your home is looking wonderful. All the best for 2011.

  3. christmas with the kids nothing like it hay.
    wishing you all a great 2011