Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Wonderful Wet Christmas............

I know we aren't the only ones that spent a wet Christmas....
But I have enjoyed the rain and yes the local flooding is exciting. Christmas day was a wonderful day here in the storey household...
I even got the men of the family working. Below is Chloe's boyfriend Damien who this year baked a ham for Christmas lunch. He put the rest of the boys to shame so then it was all the men in the kitchen carving and serving the Turkey,baked ham, roast pork and prawns. Quiet a competition to see who's serving platter was the nicest, sorry boys Damien won.
The new dinning room worked a treat...We had 16 for Christmas dinner and there was no worries about seating. My Mum and Dad ,Brother and sister in law didn't get here... They seemed to think they would get flooded in. I don't know why they would think that??

Below is part of my garden, for Christmas I got a river running through it, aren't I lucky.

Also a river running along the front of the house for the kids to go skim boarding in...We don't get this kind of presents every year.

O also all the bridges went under...This is the biggest flood we have ever had here Greg's Uncle Bill said and he would know.
Just as well my Mum & Dad and brother didn't come for Christmas then as they would only have got home yesterday...Our roads are so damaged that the back way to Toowoomba is 4wd only so I will be going to work the long way today...

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas..


  1. Glad you had such a great Christmas, Mandy, even though some wisely decided not to come along.
    We have seen a lot of rain too, finally the sun is out today.
    Great the men got in and did such a good job, enjoyed the pics.

  2. Glad your Christmas went well and who needs a slip and slide for the kids to play on you had a river:0)

  3. Mandy, the only difference between your rain and flooding and the same we had here was that your sons were watching it while wearing their swim suits! Over here we are bundled in thick jackets with hoods when we go out to watch the rivers overflow their banks!

    Happy New Year!