Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Quick Hello........

Life is just way to busy at the moment. Who's isn't?????
See that bus in the back ground well I have been doing way to much driving in it this year. School bus runs aghhhhhhh, I do enjoy it though it's just always a rush to get from work down home to do the run.
Work has been so busy......which is good news, no buyers around though, but that is fine. I have finally accepted that I am meant to run an Auto Elect shop..OK so it took a while to sink in lol. By the way any Auto Elects out there looking for a job???????????My managers wife had a stroke 3 weeks ago and he is having to finish work to help look after her. Ian has been such a blessing to me since Greg got sick and I am going to miss him very much....Not to mention his knowledge about the shop that's something I will never get back..
I will try to get back to blogging soon though.
My thoughts and prayers are with all my dear friends in N.Z we are thinking of you here in the Storey house hold....
Blessings to all

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  1. Sadness all around Mandy. Life is always sending us trials at present.
    That is a wonderful photo of you and the kids.