Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Ready For The Big Trip, but first some gardening.

I have been working on the garden up at my little hideaway/dairy, it is coming along nicely. I t does look like I have lost a apple tree up here though, I'm not sure what has happened to it as the leaves and fruit have died and fallen off.The grass still hasn't grown back out side the back door.aghhhhhh
The weeds are growing a treat as you can see. Last week end I sprayed weed & feed all over the area and the weeds are dying, so hopefully the grass will be back soon.

Yep green all around. I did get lawn grubs in other parts of the yard but as I new what was happening I sprayed straight away and the grass didn't die.

The fruit trees are looking good with all the rain we had.

Below is my potting shed, but two young boys have taken it over, well while Mummy is working at the dairy they will be cleaning this mess up. O and football is a bye this week so Robbie has all Saturday. Now let me tell you he was excited yep he moaned, and groaned and I think there was rolling of the eyes....but he new it was a losing battle.

This next week is going to be busy.. On Saturday the 26 th March I am flying off to Vietnam for 2 weeks. This will be my first over seas trip. So I have a week to get every thing I need ready.
Work will be OK as I have Alanah in charge there, O and the best news is I have a new guy starting today...Alanah thinks he is cute, I won't comment as he is as old as my son and well that is wrong!!! Any way now that work is all going well I will be able to enjoy my holiday. I was almost not going to go, but things have a way of working out at the last minute.
Two wonderful weeks of trekking through Vietnam with your best friend, we are going to have so much fun. O and you should see me in my hiking boots, what a sight. I have been wearing them on my morning walk for the last couple of weeks to wear them in, really Chloe laughs at me all the time. Yep getting excited all right....
But first I better get to work and make sure the cute new guy is working hard....
Blessing to all


  1. How exciting for you! We've heard so much about Vietnam being a great place to visit but after doing India back in 2006, I am afraid I can't convince hubby to go there. I believe the people are very friendly and it will be a feast for your eyes and tummy! Enjoy!

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS I am off to the Clipsal500 V8 Supercars this weekend and to catch up with my Uni girl.

  2. so you have not said that you are going to be a grandma on your blog mum!!!!!

  3. Enjoy your trip Mandy, we have friends that went there recently and loved it!

    See you when you get back,