Monday, March 21, 2011


To my beautiful daughter Jessica Ruth...
Today this beautiful young women turns 23, and like all Mum's I can say it does not seem 23 years ago that you came into this world to parents and a big brother that was so happy to get there little girl...

Now this little girl of mine is having a baby of her own.
Yep in September Jessica will become a Mum of her own and I know there couldn't be a better Mum any where than Jess.

There is also lots of happy brothers and sisters that can't wait to be Aunty's and Uncles, and one very happy woman that is over the moon to know she is going to be a Grandma...

Have a great birthday Jess and as Dad would say
"Today is all about You"


  1. Wanna know a secret...You are about to fall head over heels in love. Grandma love is like nothing else i have ever experienced...different to the love I have for my children. Everybody says it, but just you wait!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Jess, hope your day is a great one!!

    Awww a new baby... that is fantastic news Mandy, a whole new chapter in the story of life is unfolding. Welcome to the world of Grandma's, we are a great bunch lol!

    Take care,


  3. Happy Birthday Jess! You will love the whole process of being a grandma and I bet you can't wait.
    My Granddaughter was due to be born over a week ago and is still not here, I think the wait is worse for the grandma :0)

  4. happy birthday to Jess,and a really BIG congrats to you both, I am sure you will both so enjoy having a new baby to fuss about and spoil!!

  5. Congratulations on being a Grandma....absolutely, your heart will belong to that little one from now on! I wish you the best...


  6. Happy Birthday to Jess!
    Wow, you are in for exciting times, being a grandma. Wishing you all the best health and happiness!

    Cheers - Joolz