Friday, March 25, 2011

Look Out I Come...

I am getting excited as tomorrow I fly out to Vietnam..
Some trekking through Mai Chau, for a week with s
Home stay accommodation.

At the end of the week we arrive here..........

Topas Ecolodge....
Look at the mountain it sits on, not thinking about walking up that...Just this majestic view once I get there. O and coffee on this veranda..

Finnish off with a cruise on a Junk along the Mekong River canoeing all around these islands for two days.

Below is Ho Chi minh city or Saigon which I think is a more exotic name..

I have never been overseas before and this trip has been 12mths in the planning. I love seeing different places, as a kid my family always went on great holidays to differant places. I'm just going a bit further than Darwin. We fly out to Darwin tomorrow and leave there at 6p.m to fly to Ho Chi Minh city and then the adventure begins............
See you in 2 weeks.....


  1. It all looks so beautiful, especially that ecolodge! Have a fabbo time - lots of piccies please!

    Stay safe, Joolz

  2. Have a Great Time Mandy & Travel Safe...

  3. Awww I want to come too! Those photos look beautiful.

    Have a fantastic time Mandy...


  4. Safe travels, can't wait to hear of your adventure.

  5. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip! Safe travels!

  6. Good luck on your travels, I am sure it will be worth all the planning you have made to enable it to happen. Sue x

  7. I was in Ethiopia for 18 months when I was in the Army. We used to have a radio spy station there before satillites were invented...1961 I think it was.

    Thanks for your nice comment on the Rio poem.

    Bruce Dodson