Monday, March 7, 2011

Perfume and paths...........

What a beautiful morning I have woken up to. The wind is blowing and I can hear leaves being blown around. There is a chill to the air...........yes Autumn is here.
Autumn is my favorite season, with the leaves changing colours and bare branches showing there stark beauty against darker skies, which they are today and there is even the promise of rain..
I had to share these beautiful lilies with you that my Uncle gave me last weekend while we were there. They have only just started to open and the perfume is so strong and delicious...

Someone at work said to me on Friday "When you think that the weekend is only a week every month to get all you need to get done in, it isn't alot of time."
And if I spend half a Saturday at football and Half a Sunday in Church that is even less time.

But we got a bit accomplished this weekend. While I was inside doing the house work and washing, I had some local yokels doing a bit of paving for me. Even Cassie got in and helped.

Then of course they had to be fed and watered, then back to work to finish it off.

I must say what a great job they did.
I have always wanted a path out here and with all the rain lately we really need it.

What about the bend you ask, well lackey No 1 whose real name is Damien, told me it adds character, and lackey No 2 Bruce said that as soon as nothing else is straight around here he didn't want it to look out of place.Hmmmmmm
Including the bend and all I love it.
Thanks guys.

I'm not sure how genuine this show of love is between Cass and Rob but it was on the camera so here we are brother and sister getting along...or posing for the be the judge.

Happy Monday......


  1. Spring is in the air here in the states. Cool mornings and warm afternoons signal a change of season. Your new path looks great.

  2. Path looks great Mandy even with the little bend. Gives it character. Nothing like having mates who can help round the place.