Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warm hellos to all on this wonderful sunny spring day.
I have been out and about playing in the garden. I dragged out one of the girls old push bikes from under the house, added a basket with flowers to the front and prettied up this corner of the back yard. Not exactly the old weathered bike I had in mind, but hey it works I think.
My Irises are out in bloom, as is the lavender. My roses are full of buds and it won't be long until I have a garden full of blooms.
There is colour in every corner of the garden.
Below is Oriental Lillie's. No these aren't from my garden but I planted a few that I ordered this year from Garden Express. I have ordered a lot through this on line nursery and I have had nothing but success with all I got. My lilies are about 10 inches high at the moment so have a way to go yet.
I never realized how many white flowering plants I have. I have snow in summer , fruit blossoms, walking orchid and jasmine in this arrangement.
I knew this little cane table would be good for something.
Yes another photo, just because it looks so pretty. O have I mentioned I love my new glass doors,
???? May I could do a post on them?
The sun is so bright, the family room stays warm all evening now. The mulberry tree out side got a hair cut yesterday as it was casting to much shade on the new solar panels.

Today is the beginning of our Spring break, the children get 2 weeks.. We are going to do the tourist thing here in our home town of Toowoomba as it is the Carnival Of Flowers week.
Every thing kicks of tomorrow, so if you are in town you might see me. I will be the one under the big hat dragging three bored children behind me looking at gardens and madly taking photos...
Blessings to all


  1. Beautiful Spring photos Mandy, I like the pushbike and flowers idea, it looks great...

    We are getting warmer here, 34C tomorrow!

  2. Mandy I absolutely love the bike look,and your garden looks wonderful...

  3. Oh a Spring garden! How pretty! It's almost Fall here, and although it's my favorite season, I'm sad to see my garden go.
    Happy gardening!