Monday, March 19, 2012

Congratulations Jess and Lachlan...

What a wonderful week end we had celebrating my eldest daughter's Engagement to her child hood sweat heart Lachlan.

 The Surprise party was in Roma. Lachlans sister Tameka organized it all, and it was a wonderful surprise for them as they had no idea at all.

Alanah got the engagement cake for them and it was carefully brought out from Toowoomba.

Good friends Danielle and Ashley also came out, along with friends and family on both sides.

As you can imagine there was the usual family photo taking but they all look like this, all gooing over Grace.

 I am so proud of Jess and Lach, they have  there whole life ahead of them and each other to share it with. They love Roma and are very happy out there, in the end that's all you want as a Mother is for your children to be happy.

 We stayed in the caravan park for the night as we wanted to try out the new pop top van.....We learnt to set it all up( in the pouring rain) not many dramas where had. We need to do a few things before we head up to Davids in 2 weeks though. It was a great opportunity to have a run and see what we needed to do.

and one last photo of Grace in her swing.
It was a very big week end, 10 hours of driving....It was worth it though to see the look on Jess and Lachlans faces....

Guess what ????I have the inter net back on at home(happy dance) so I will be able to check up on what you have all been up to...Early night for me tonight after yoga with my computer and my blog list...

Gee my life is exciting hahahaha



  1. Mandy that is absolutely lovely, congrats to them all and to you to for the wonderful job you are doing..

  2. Congratulations to the whole family Mandy. Its lovely to have something happy happen within the family.Your family is a blessing to you and you deserve to be so proud of them. You have done a wonderful job with all of them.

  3. Congrat's to the happy couple and to you also. Have they set a date for the wedding?