Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello All...
and a big thank you to those that replied to me about painting my kitchen cabinets.
My first being from my daughter via a text which read...(Do not I repeat do not paint the kitchen cabinets white)hmmmm looks like I will be leaving them as is. Keeping them clean was a major concern and hearing how some of you have trouble I think the wood will be staying...

sewing nook to the left of door way.

and yet here I am acquiring more wooden pieces. I have always wanted a set of small drawers in my bedroom for all of my accessories(slight obsession here I blame my Mother for it)I mean a drawer for each colored bangles, earrings, necklaces, scarves etc , I great idea for storing them all. I picked this beauty up from a shop in Gatton..I always imagined an old chippy  one but hey I could let the boys at it and that would fix the problem...

Any ways (is that a word) until I get to paint it white to go in my bedroom I thought I would bring it inside....well it is heavy and this is as far as it got, just inside the back door. I'm sorry the photo doesn't do it justice above.
Guess what.....I love this piece here, I won't be painting it at all not with 20 drawers any way. As yet I don't know what I will store in it I'm thinking as it is near my sewing nook it will be good for craft stuff.

I guess this means I'm still looking for one for my bedroom.

I am off to craft this morning at the local hall, I didn't get there at all last year and really lost touch with a lot of the ladies so I  have made a decission.. Spend more time with people whose company I enjoy. What I mean is, time for me is the last thing I do, including being with people I love and whose company I enjoy..The last few years family and friends have all taken a back seat to work, things are going to change. Yes I have to run a business and put food on the table and pay bills, but I also need a life.
This is what it's all about balancing out time with friends, family and work.

Enjoy your day

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  1. I love your new cabinet Mandy, how fantastic are those drawers? I hope you enjoy your craft morning it sounds like fun. xx