Monday, March 5, 2012

My Sunday...

 I had to share this photo of Princess Grace and her side kick Barney.
Grace is growing up so fast and lives too far away!!!!!!

Yesterday we spent a leisurely day sight seeing.
First up we went to the Fernvale markets, I managed to get a milk jug for $3.

Fernvale main Street

Old wares displayed in Bakery
 We then had morning tea at this great bakery in the main street.
It was decorated with all old bits and pieces which gave it a great atmosphere.

Then we drove down through the Brisbane valley to Esk...Stopped there had had lunch and a look through the second hand shops. I got some coffee mugs from there. I will show you photos of what I got later in the week as I forgot to take photos of them.

 It was a lovely day and our backpackers enjoyed the outing as well.
Today though is back to work.....but look what the mailman brought me.....Yes Rhonda's book from I can't wait to get home now and start to read it.
I am sure most of my readers are familiar with Rhonda's blog, but if not go on over and have a look, she is one of the most inspiring woman ever...

I hope you all enjoyed your week end as much as I did, now though I must do some work..


P.S I am still having trouble with my Internet at home, that is why my blogs have been slack lately and why I haven't commented much. I still do sneak in to see what you have been up to..


  1. What a little lovely she favourite name too..looks like you had a lovely time..

  2. Your Little Princess is certainly growing and take it from me they grow far too quick.
    All of those places you visited have lovely shop to look around.
    Hope the rain is staying away from you this time.

  3. Oh my she is beautiful and growing quickly. You have some lovely places to shop at. I want this book to.

  4. the book is amazing, I can't put it down