Friday, March 30, 2012

Just change the accessories...

Hi all..
While sitting outside  in the sun this morning having a cuppa
 I was thinking about how quick and easy it is to change a look of a room with accessories.
Coming into the cooler weather I want to winterize my home with out spending money.
How you ask?

Take my bedroom and  bathroom.
 When I first renovated and built the new bedroom and bathroom  I went with a pretty pink theme..I love pink and my old room was already decorated this way. I just used the curtains and accessories I already had.


I hadn't yet painted my bedroom though, yet it was still decorated with a pretty country theme. I change furniture from one room to another, pinch some mirrors from other rooms. Just walk around the house and see what you can use. 


If you really want to make a huge difference PAINT...if you DIY it it's not going to cost a lot of money and look at the difference it made to my bedroom. I sometimes don't believe it is the same room.

In my bed room I used all the same furniture I just changed the color scheme. I have always loved the look of black and white so decided to try it in my room and ensuite. The curtains I already had, I got new lamp shades, photo frames, cushions and a throw for the bed.
A new room with out spending lots of money.

For the ensuite I used the same curtains and I did buy a candelabra for this room. A few changes and we have a whole different look with nothing more then a lick of paint to the bedroom and changing of the accessories.

I have always changed the look of my rooms at the change of seasons. If you click in the side bar on the differant rooms like lounge room you can also see there how I changed the look with no more than changing accessories.

So while I am away on holidays for 3 weeks I will be thinking about the changes I am going to make when I get home. Pull the floor rugs out, change the pillow cases, add some throws to chairs..
Of course I will be adding lots to my Pinterest of all my ideas. What do you do to change the look of rooms???

Tomorrow we are off on a road trip for 3 weeks, Yep heading up to David and Karen's and coming home SLOWLY down the coast.. So join me over the next 3 weeks as we travel...


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello All...
and a big thank you to those that replied to me about painting my kitchen cabinets.
My first being from my daughter via a text which read...(Do not I repeat do not paint the kitchen cabinets white)hmmmm looks like I will be leaving them as is. Keeping them clean was a major concern and hearing how some of you have trouble I think the wood will be staying...

sewing nook to the left of door way.

and yet here I am acquiring more wooden pieces. I have always wanted a set of small drawers in my bedroom for all of my accessories(slight obsession here I blame my Mother for it)I mean a drawer for each colored bangles, earrings, necklaces, scarves etc , I great idea for storing them all. I picked this beauty up from a shop in Gatton..I always imagined an old chippy  one but hey I could let the boys at it and that would fix the problem...

Any ways (is that a word) until I get to paint it white to go in my bedroom I thought I would bring it inside....well it is heavy and this is as far as it got, just inside the back door. I'm sorry the photo doesn't do it justice above.
Guess what.....I love this piece here, I won't be painting it at all not with 20 drawers any way. As yet I don't know what I will store in it I'm thinking as it is near my sewing nook it will be good for craft stuff.

I guess this means I'm still looking for one for my bedroom.

I am off to craft this morning at the local hall, I didn't get there at all last year and really lost touch with a lot of the ladies so I  have made a decission.. Spend more time with people whose company I enjoy. What I mean is, time for me is the last thing I do, including being with people I love and whose company I enjoy..The last few years family and friends have all taken a back seat to work, things are going to change. Yes I have to run a business and put food on the table and pay bills, but I also need a life.
This is what it's all about balancing out time with friends, family and work.

Enjoy your day

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm thinking White..Kitchen

White....Clean and fresh.

Yes I am thinking of painting all the lower parts of my kitchen white.

I love the color of my  blue walls and my wooden kitchen, only I am finding it all very dark. I am looking for a freshness to my kitchen as it is looking tired and dull. ( ha I bit like me)

But ....
I don't know if I am brave enough to paint it all white.. I know it would look wonderful with all the doors  and drawers painted...Then there is the fact that wood hides the dirt and grime, yes that's right there is 15 years of grime on those cabinets. White would show up ALL the marks.

I am wondering what YOU my readers would do???
Would you paint or not?
What would you do to CHEAPLY fix this tired old kitchen of mine..

Enjoy your week end my friends.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A sewing nook..

How is Tuesday going for you????
It is wet here and starting to get cool, all good reasons to get my sewing machine set up.
Come for a quick look at where I have made a little sewing nook.
 First I cleaned out this cupboard and put in some of my sewing things, there is still so much more in The Old Dairy to bring down. For a start though this is good.

While I was sorting  out the cupboard I had a load of lovely old Tablecloths and doilies that I had picked up from the Op shop the day before hanging on the line after being washed in bleach.

 Once they where all dry though I had to get sewing, I have had a need to create something, any thing for a while now.

Down came my little sewing table and machine and then that was it I started sewing before I finished getting every thing done.
 What is the quickest and easiest thing to sew when you have a stash of old dollies...
A banner of course.

So quick and easy to run up and so pretty..It has found a home in the lounge room where a wall came out, it looks pretty against the back ground of my plates. 

All I did was cut them in half then sew them onto some binding....I have yet to finish the sewing nook..But at least I'm sewing again....

Have a great day

Monday, March 19, 2012

Congratulations Jess and Lachlan...

What a wonderful week end we had celebrating my eldest daughter's Engagement to her child hood sweat heart Lachlan.

 The Surprise party was in Roma. Lachlans sister Tameka organized it all, and it was a wonderful surprise for them as they had no idea at all.

Alanah got the engagement cake for them and it was carefully brought out from Toowoomba.

Good friends Danielle and Ashley also came out, along with friends and family on both sides.

As you can imagine there was the usual family photo taking but they all look like this, all gooing over Grace.

 I am so proud of Jess and Lach, they have  there whole life ahead of them and each other to share it with. They love Roma and are very happy out there, in the end that's all you want as a Mother is for your children to be happy.

 We stayed in the caravan park for the night as we wanted to try out the new pop top van.....We learnt to set it all up( in the pouring rain) not many dramas where had. We need to do a few things before we head up to Davids in 2 weeks though. It was a great opportunity to have a run and see what we needed to do.

and one last photo of Grace in her swing.
It was a very big week end, 10 hours of driving....It was worth it though to see the look on Jess and Lachlans faces....

Guess what ????I have the inter net back on at home(happy dance) so I will be able to check up on what you have all been up to...Early night for me tonight after yoga with my computer and my blog list...

Gee my life is exciting hahahaha


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The rest of the week end...

I know you have been waiting with bated breath wondering what the rest of my week end was like.
Well I got a visit from my beatuiful  daughter Jessica

and the most sweetest baby in the world

They were only there for the shortest time but we were all so excited to see them both as it has been a while.
 The boys just love there niece and I think she is going to grow up to love them just as much.

While all this was going on William came in screaming holding his mouth, I expected blood and missing teeth. Instead he had been bitten by a paper wasp and his bottom lip just ballooned up...He did look so funny and sad all in one.

It did make blowing out candles on his birthday cake hard to do.

After Jess and Grace had gone and the screaming stopped the neighbors turned up. Lindsay at 84 got out and had a game of soccer....

Once the boys had worn him out he needed a drink.

Sitting in the cool of the evening watching the birthday boy playing soccer and sharing a drink with your wonderful neighbors was a great ending to the day.

I am going to drop by and see what you have all been up too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saturday part 1

A big hello to all. I know it has been awhile since I have blogged , let me share Saturday with you. It started at 5.30 am as that is what time Will came and woke me up singing Happy Birthday to him self....

Happy Birthday William..
Saturday William turned 9....and because it was a Saturday we spent it doing boy things.
Going to the Cadillac show for starters,
..Did you know Elvis got the first  pink Cadillac made....yep he got the first pink one for his Mum. So if it's good enough for Elvis it'll do me with matching caravan of course.

With matching tyre cover,
picnic basket and

 Now  about this 1956 caravan, every thing inside was still in original condition. and yes I forgot to take photos of the inside because I was to busy sitting in there dreaming...

There was so many cars to look at and Robbie and Cassie got there photo in the local paper. This was 
taken with a 1969 Cadillac Hearse..

It was starting to get warm in the sun by this time and

 I was in need of coffee and shade.
 While sitting in the Cobb & Co museum coffee shop I noticed a house.

 This house was across the road waiting for me to look at it.
 Leaving the kids behind of I went to explore.

 Isn't this a wonderful old house. I couldn't get any closer to get better photos, but look 2 levels and the garden looked to cool and inviting..mmmmm I could move to town for a house like this.

We had a wonderful morning out for Will's birthday. I will share later in the week what we did for the rest of the day.

I still have no internet at home but we now know the problem and are awaiting a new black box. A whole month with out it has been a slow torture.....
Hopefully I will be back to blogging again soon....

Enjoy your day

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Sunday...

 I had to share this photo of Princess Grace and her side kick Barney.
Grace is growing up so fast and lives too far away!!!!!!

Yesterday we spent a leisurely day sight seeing.
First up we went to the Fernvale markets, I managed to get a milk jug for $3.

Fernvale main Street

Old wares displayed in Bakery
 We then had morning tea at this great bakery in the main street.
It was decorated with all old bits and pieces which gave it a great atmosphere.

Then we drove down through the Brisbane valley to Esk...Stopped there had had lunch and a look through the second hand shops. I got some coffee mugs from there. I will show you photos of what I got later in the week as I forgot to take photos of them.

 It was a lovely day and our backpackers enjoyed the outing as well.
Today though is back to work.....but look what the mailman brought me.....Yes Rhonda's book from I can't wait to get home now and start to read it.
I am sure most of my readers are familiar with Rhonda's blog, but if not go on over and have a look, she is one of the most inspiring woman ever...

I hope you all enjoyed your week end as much as I did, now though I must do some work..


P.S I am still having trouble with my Internet at home, that is why my blogs have been slack lately and why I haven't commented much. I still do sneak in to see what you have been up to..