Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A walk through The Rainforest (Dad's Garden)

Hello and welcome.

Two weeks ago I showed you my front garden, today we will go and have a look 
down at the Rain forest garden....Other wise known as Dad's garden...

My garden is rather large over 1 acre.
So each area is named, mostly so when I say I'm going out to the garden the kids know where I am.
There is
 The Front Garden,
Dad's Garden,
Back Garden
Vege Garden
The Old Dairy Garden
Food forest
Yep that about covers it.
Did I mention I have a large garden.

Below is looking back at the house and front garden.
I have been forbidden to turn this bit of yard into a garden as this is where 
all the football, cricket etc is played.
Behind the hedge is the pool.

Now that I have totally confused you come in and have a look
through the rain forest.

The palm trees were planted 19 years ago, and I am still planting
plants under neath, they are so tall now and under neath looks a bit bare
in some areas.
I love my old wagon here though really adds some interest.

This is the pond and that is the back shed and fence in the background' the pond catches all the run off water that goes through here. We have so many goldfish they just keep breading down here.

You can see how tall the palms are, and areas that need replanting.

Lets head down this path to the very back fence and the 
red gate at the end. Mind your head on the mulberry tree here.

The bananas are doing well down here and we have 3 bunches growing.
I also have flowers on my coffee bush for the first time.

 The red gate leads into the chook pen, the girls thought they were getting
feed again. We have 18 chooks at the moment.

This is looking back to the wagon and pond.
I love this garden and the grandchildren are at the age now were they 
run through the forest as they call it and play.

These steps lead up to The Old Dairy, but we will leave this garden for another time.

This is the other side of the steps and heading back up to the house.
You can see there is plenty under cover planting here.

Lot of ferns and birds nests in this area,

 Well we are out of the rain forest and at the pool house.
Ahead is the back garden, we will do that another day I think.

Lucky I love gardening....
I must admit this garden looks after itself with the great micro climate down here.

I hope you enjoyed your walk.
Have a great week.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Im home..........

Home again after a all too quick visit out to Jessica's.
4 hours of driving through beautiful country on my own
listening to my choice of music....Yep Jimmy Barnes all the way.

What fun I had with these two cheeky rat bags and there perfect brother.
Henry really is the best baby, sleeps and feeds and is happy to lay on the rug
being entertained by his sisters.

We had a fun time doing some baking as well, always fun baking with Kids.

They are happy with their biscuits and couldn't wait to eat them.

I tried to get in as many cuddles as I could.

A update with all 3 ..

Update here
I thought this post was updated last week but it seems I didn't hit the publish button


Saturday, October 24, 2015

A walk in the front garden......

Hello and welcome.
We have been having the most amazing weather here so I have
been spending as much time as I can in the garden.

Here we are at the front gate...

Come on in and have a look around.

All the roses are blooming as are all the delphiniums that
self seeded from last summer.

The Jacaranda is starting to flower, soon the yard
will be a purple carpet.

This jacaranda tree is well over 60 years old and is my favorite tree.
Bruce being a plumber hates it as it clogs all the gutters up with the tiny leaves..

October really is the best month for my garden....

The front garden has a real cottage garden feel to it, and is shaded by\the Jacaranda.
I have so many David Austin roses, geraniums and saliva's to give this garden colour.

I hope you enjoyed your look around the front garden.
Next week I will show you the rest of the garden.
Tomorrow I am going to spend some time with my newest grandson Henry and his 2 sisters.
I am looking forward to spending time with them, so expect lots of baby photos when I get back.

Enjoy your week end...



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Busy Week.

Mid week all ready......I am sure I have not got much done at all so far.

This week is town week, you know I can go weeks with out having to go to town and this week I am in town Mon, Tues, Wed and doing markets Sat and Sun....Thursday I am having a candle making class.....That leaves Friday which is craft day.......When I want to see my clean house I will just pop on here and look at the above photo.....

At the moment I am doing a bit of weaving and making wall hangings.

I am really enjoying the slow rhythm of weaving.... Adding in differant textils and texture is fun as well.

I am now going tp start on a bigger one and see how that goes.....

It is a square one and I am hoping I can make cushion covers with this size...

Enjoying your week all, I need to get moving to make it to town on time...


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A New Baby a Party and aLong week end....

We had a long week end and managed to cram a lot in....

Introducing Henry Cameron Pimm
A little Brother for Grace and Abby and son for Jess and Lachlan.
Henry was born on thursday 1st October......

On Saturday Jess was at a wedding that Lach was a groomsman in and on Sunday she was here at home for our Party.

(I will get in trouble for that pic I'm sure lol)

All the work Bruce has been doing on the shed was for a good reason......We had our joint 50th Birthday on Sunday....

It is now known as the party shed......

The old stage that has always been used to store junk on was put to use as a stage for the live music...

It was such a good week end and even beter to have all my family home.....All 7 Children and now all 7 grandchildren....3 out of 4 of Bruces kids were home as well.....Makes for a large family....

OK Photo over load I know, but how can I not......Look at my Handsome sons, beatuiful granddaughters.....
The last one is The food station hahaha.....Food is important at a Storey Party.

OK one more of these cheeky boys....

Have a blessed week.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A New (old) Shed.....

Yippie its raining!!!!
We so need the rain here like most parts of Australia...

We are very blessed as we seem to always have some green grass from the grey water, but when it rains it is so much greener.

We have been getting some cementing done....A lot of cementing. The car shed was always dirt and very dusty and grubby.

It took 3 truck loads of cement and two week ends of work but it is now all done.

To say I am a little excited is a under statement as I have waited 25 years to have this done.

We used to have a paved courtyard at the back door which I loved...The pavers got pulled up and it is now cemented from the back door down to the drive way.

As you can see above the wall has been pulled down between the courtyard and shed. This has opened the whole area up and let so much more light in.

This will now be our main entertaining area, which with my sized family I sure do need.....

Yep family dinners we have outgrown the kitchen......

Enjoy your week and may you be getting this much needed rain.