Saturday, November 10, 2018

Vege Garden.............

Considering the heat wave we had last week the 
vege garden is doing well.

With the spring rain we had and now hot weather every thing is growing.
Tomatoes are ready for picking... The lettuce bolted though and I am waiting for the new ones to grow a bit more.

The leeks and onions are nearly ready to harvest as well.
We have had purple snake beans all winter and they keep self seeding so 
we are getting a never ending supply of them.
The zucchinis are also being picked and these little round 
yellow ones are perfect for burgers.

All of our veges seeds are heirloom so I find that they continue to self seed. I always
leave plants to go to seed. I have not planted lettuce for ages as they pop up every where.


We use grapes as shelter in the vege garden.
The green house and glass house below benefits from the vine growing on them and it helps to keep the seedlings cool in mid summer.

The grape vine we are training as it will then shade the strawberries and asparagus...
We also have a trumpet vine growing ,but this year I think the grape will be big enough.

A window to the garden beyond.

Grapes are so small but they are every where. It looks like
it will be a good season this year. I can't wait to have enough to make wine!

We also grow our grapes all around the vege garden which makes for a cool micro climate in the middle of summer. This is important here as we are still in spring and have already had 40 degree heat 3 days in a row.

What are you growing and harvesting atm.....

This afternoon after work I am planting apple trees, but that is a post for another day..

Enjoy your week end...



  1. Everything looks fantastic! I hope the garden (and you, as well) are surviving the heat you guys are having. I wish we could trade... a little of our bitterly cold weather for some of your heat... and then we could both be semi-comfortable! I ordered a huge amount of heirloom seed already this year, and I can't wait until planting time!

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