Friday, August 9, 2019

Bedroom Makeover...........

Honestly where has winter gone?
I feel like I missed it being away so much. I love Winter but this year just hasn't been all that cold here in Flaggy.
But I still redecorated for Winter....A bit late sure...

As most of you know I love to decorate my home and change things around a bit. The below picture is my bedroom in summer. Above it is decorated for Winter.

I have done a bit of rearranging as well.

 I changed the curtains, blue velvet ones that I got from David and Karen in Charters...
I always wanted red ones but these are even better, they were free......

I splurged on this 2 winters ago...It is a vintage one I got from France...
$300 including postage a bargain really.
The European pillows are from Country target in Goondawindi
and the little silk ones from the op shop.

The detail on bed spread.

The paintings are all from op shops. The
curtain  into the bathroom was a find when sourcing for our own shop. Jute mat from K Mart
and the red mat beside the bed is a camel sack from the Middle east also from our shop.

This little side table was gifted to me, all I had to do was sand the top and change the knobs.

 Bruce's side table is from when he was a boy and he had it in his bed room.
I also sanded the top and changed the handle so they matched kinda lol.

The leather mat was a birthday present from my daughter Jess.
The lamp I've had for about 15 years.

bed side before.

This side board has found a new home in here as well.....I am 
thinking of sanding the top as well, unsure still yet.

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour. I love shopping my home and moving furniture around to different rooms as I find it gives them new life.


  1. Hello! I just came here via The Gardener's Cottage from the comments. The name of your blog is a magnet! Just had to say that the transformation in your bedroom is amazing to me. Just changing out the curtains and bedspread made the room look like a totally different room. Love it!

    Debra from SENC
    (Southeastern North Carolina, USA)

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you so much, the name comes from a cottage we converted from a Dairy...It was my craft retreat, then my vintage shop and now my brother in in it....