Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grandbabies and More....

Hello Blog world it has been a while...

Things have been very busy around here since March.

Chloe and Damien had a new baby girl, it was not an easy time for their family.

Maddison Mercia Sutton 
was born very tiny and very early but also very perfect.
On the 22nd March

We refer to Maddison as our miracle baby..

Chloe now has 1 boy and 2 girls.

 Maddy is doing so well and is now 4 months old....

Her cousin wasn't far behind her.

Thomas Cameron Lawton
was born on the 
9th May

That makes 2 boys for Alanah
He is perfect and so cute.

Not easy keeping up with all these babies that's for sure....

Cassie turned 21 this year
and we had a great country party for her out at Glenmorgan.

I am so proud of the beautiful woman that she is growing into....
and you guessed it....

Grand-baby No 11 due in September...

Phoebe turned 1 in June
That year has gone so fast.....

David and family were down here for Phoebe's birthday
 which was a real treat for us.

I know I am so blessed to have such a large healthy happy family
God is good.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hi all and welcome....

This week we have been getting rid of a few trees...5
one fruit and the other 4 are problem native trees that have got way too big.
You can see the natives in among the palms ...Plus they drop there lower limbs all the time so time for them to go...

I have persevered with this peach tree for 5 years and it has never bared any fruit...
So it was time for it to go...

We have since planted two tropical peach tress and they have given us lots of fruit.
All the trees will be cut up into fire wood so they won't be wasted.

It does look a little bare here now but I like it, so I won't be planting another tree. 

This week the weather has been so much cooler so I have been spending lots of time in the garden.-
in between doing the never ending book work...
Have a great week

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Play Ground.....

Wow as I am siting here
I need to tell you that this is the hottest day ever here for us.
45 degrees.....I am so thankful for my air con..

I was thinking if we still had the pool I would be in it, but the water would be too hot any way.
So instead I am going to do a post on the old pool area.

 Last year we decided to pull the pool  down as it was getting old and rusty...
It Did a good job while the kids were growing up, and many hours of fun and memories were made here.

It has taken a while to get there but this area is now a 
lovely area for the grand children to play in..

The grass is slowly trying to grow....Now with this heat I hope it doesn't die.

 The cubby house just needs a clean out and made all pretty for the grand daughters to play in then 
the area will be complete.
The white box at the back is a old donga that has seen a lot of changes as well.
Now it is guest accommodation for visitors.
I call her Donna the Donga....

Bruce has just added two more loops to the arch and they are nearly full as well...
This is going to make a wonderful tunnel of wisteria one day.
It is a great area to sit in the cool and watch the children play....
Looking forward to Easter when all the Grand babies will be home..

If you live in Australia
Keep Cool....
Autumn is coming.......


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Vege Garden.............

The summer vege garden really doesn't have much in it as it is way to hot here.
Herbs are all doing well but that is about it.

I have been spending time in the green house as it is very cool. I have a grapevine growing over it as well so it is the perfect spot on a hot summer day when you want to be out side.

I took a lot of cuttings in spring and this week they have gone out into the garden.
Now I need to get in and take some more as it is looking bare in here.

 The lettuce and bok choy seeds I planted on Sunday are already up.
I have been growing my lettuce in here as it doesn't bolt to seed that way.

The glass is another shady spot in the late afternoon with grape vine growing on it as well.
The succulents love it in here all year round.

As you can see I took this photo mid day and it is very shady.

This is my most favorite spot looking out to the vege garden, at the end you can see the green house and how it is very covered in vine.

Most of the vege beds look like this one bare...I am getting ready to sow carrots in this one in a week or two.

My little bird feeder I made from chipped china,
my new found fun making garden art from old china.

Bruce has been making these mini glass houses and selling them as fast as he makes them.
Lucky we have a good supply of windows...

How is your vege garden going through summer?
it does make it hard doesn't it.

We are really battling the heat lately in the garden and I am thank full I have a good under water supply for the garden....as we have missed out on most of the rain this summer...

Enjoy your week


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Any-one still there...........

If there is any one out there 

I couldn't even begin to catch up on all that has happened since I last blogged.
So I will not even try..

 We have had some good rain this year so the garden is looking green.
The herbs are doing well in the vege patch but it is too hot to grow any thing else really.

We did get a wonderful crop of grapes this year, green grapes are my favorite.
There was plenty to share as well.

I have been filling in gaps in the garden beds....Lots of cuttings in September saw me able to start filling them up.

My favorite thing at the moment is edging...
I have always done the edges with my shovel and it is hard work. When we visited Tenterfield in September, we were visiting a garden and I asked how she got her edges so perfect.

Well she got her petrol edger out and showed me
and it was love at first sight.
Thankfully I have a son that works in a mower shop that was able to get one for me.
And I love it.....so easy to use...
I think those edges speak for themselves....hahaha

We are still doing markets and had a lot at the end of 2016, no
more now until March as we are having a break from them.

Opening our shop back up here has also kept us very busy, as 
it has been very busy. We only open 3 days a week...
Friday-we still have craft as well here
Sunday.....I also have a business partner and she works Sundays for me.
Loving having my shop open again and sharing all I make and vintage treasures that I find.

Life is good and I am enjoying 
my little shop, my family is growing all the time.
We have 3 grand babies due this year.
God is good and has blessed me in so many ways.

Thanks for dropping by......


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Spring is nearly here and I have been spending a lot of time in the garden.

Also taking cuttings and getting a head start with them in the glass house.

Bruce has been busy putting windows into our out door area. They can all open and will keep the rain out so we can still use this space.

We did a market in our little local town last week end.
It was a Heritage festival and there was lots to do..Bruce enjoyed taking the grandies on rides..
I think Harry loved it as well.

  I have had the crocheting bug and making every one rugs..
The one below I made Chloe for her birthday.

I prefer the long ones my self as I can use them more, but the round is very popular.

We had some great rain last night so I'm out to weed the garden....

Enjoy your week...