Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping at the Bunya Mountains.......

This is the view I woke up to for the last 2 mornings... Yep I'm back from camping and YES we loved it..The tall spear shaped trees are the Bunya Nut trees....

We tried to go for a horse and cart ride but it was all booked up, may-be next time???

There were plenty of wallabies to look at, they were every where, around the tent and even around the shops....
Yes there were shops!!!!!and yes we did a little shopping...
Look at these faces would you, William wasn't to sure about the birds, and Robbie had put bird seed in the girls hair so they kept landing on there heads....Lots of screaming and laughing all around...

here is our camp site, nothing flash but we loved it and it did the job..The tent was so big but didn't take long to put up at all. Most of the people had gone home so it wasn't busy at all. There were hot showers there to Deb!!!!!Electric bar-b-ques so we cooked on them a bit....there was even a camp kitchen with sinks to do our washing up so we weren't really roughing it, all the comforts of home......I have to say though it was COLD and WINDY I'm talking icy cold but we just rugged up and went for long bush walks...

Here is a Morton Bay fig tree that is so big the path goes through it...As you can see we didn't need warm clothing while walking as it was so sheltered in among the trees...

Here are the children standing in front of a Bunya Nut Pine tree you can see how wide it is....

When we got to the top you looked out over all the grass hills and here you could see all the little chalet on the mountains. All the houses here looked like something you would expect to see on the Alpine slops minus the snow of course.

There were so many water falls on the walks we went on, only they were all dry...Our country badly needs rain even here in the rain forest areas..
This little place we saw on the way out, it is so cute isn't it, a real old Aussie house...

I hope you enjoyed the photos, tomorrow it is back to the work shop...I havn't heard any-thing yet about the people that are looking at it so please continue to up hold this in your prayers...
Blessings Mandy


  1. Your camping trip looks and sounds fun. Nice photos Mandy, so nice and green, lucky you. I only dream of this. We are going camping to Port Lincoln (it's green there) for the long weekend this weekend. Camping out with friends, cant wait.

    Hope all goes well with your business with a good outcome for you,


  2. So glad you had a great trip [ I would have screamed the place down if I had birds land in my hair!!!]
    Thoughts and prayers are with you regarding the business
    blessings x

  3. Ok Ok so it kinda looks like fun!!! Especially the bird feeding trust the boys to do that, how funny. I bet it was cold!!! So glad you all had a nice time and a laugh. Mwahx

  4. Great idea Mandy! Nice tent, too. This had to be good for you all.

  5. It would be nice if I could give you some of our green grass, water, and views of the very plentiful snow.

    So nice to see your smiling face, you match your blog writings!

    We have a house similar on one of the backroads here. Our kids went on a holiday last weekend and they said they saw a wallaby up close too.

    Have always said I wanted to take the kids on one of those rides, didn't get as close to it as you did. I hope you do have better luck next time.

    I love going to the parks to see the Morton Bay figs.


  6. Showers huh Mandy, an upmarket camp site-lol. Nah, still like the mattress and duvet scenario, no sleeping bags for this softie.
    Looks like the break was just what you and the kids needed, time to be together just with each other.
    So pleased you had a great time, the scenery was lovely.

    So pleased you got the card. xx