Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Away For A Few Days...........

This will be my last blog until next week.........
I'm of to Charters Towers
to see No1 son and his beautiful wife.
Now you probably think that I go away all the time on my own.
Having been to Cairns earlier on , but I don't!!!
David and Karen moved to Charters Towers at the beginning of last year.
(apparently when you get married you move away) anyway...
Karen is a Teacher at one the boarding schools up there .
She teaches
Physical ed and English.....
That's why they moved up there for Karen's work.
This year David started an adult apprenticeship in small engines.
He used to be a farmer when he was living here not much farming up there though.
When David was at school he did a trainee ship at the motor bike shop and always wanted to
go into motor bikes...Then he broke his arm ( came of his motor bike) and missed out on a apprenticeship........
All things happen for a reason though.
He loves his job and they love the Towers..............
Last year we all drove up there for a long week-end,
but this year we haven't got up there, and I am missing them .
I am flying up there Thursday and will be back late Monday.
And yes I am going on my own as we have had people away on holidays at the work shop
and hubby doesn't feel it's a good time to leave it unattended.
Mind you when you run your own business no time is the right time.
Hubby said I might as well still go though.
Well......I was on the Internet and had those tickets booked so fast
in case he changed his mind...
So today I am busy getting the house cleaned and cooking done.
Latter I have to go to town to get some more fruit and vege and they will be set till I
get back.
I am hopping that I will get time to say a quick hello while I'm up there
if I get time to go on the computer....

Have a great week

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stacking And Whacking

Sounds violent doesn't it.......

Don't worry it's anew way of doing patchwork......
We had our ladies craft morning this morning, and this is the method we learnt.
We had our 6 blocks done in 4 hours and that included having lunch as well.
These are my 6 blocks above I love them........

A lady in our group has never even sewn before and she got her blocks done as well..
This has to be the simplest form of patch work I have ever done. If you love sewing I encourage you to learn this method.........

We went to our community hall to set up as there is plenty of room there.....
I love the fellowship of this group of ladies. Every lady has a special craft talent and over the years we have all taught one another........
Below is the pajamas that I made yesterday, only another 3 to make...Only problem is all I want to do is Stack and Whack...............

Got to go and get tea cooked as we have a meeting on tonight.......

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Do This!!!!!!!!

This being.............
Sending 10yr BOY to bring washing in from the clothes line!!!!!!
I know I know!
I wasn't thinking ........
Hubby was no help either (BIG BOY)
He came and told me to look out the back door....
This is how my week-end went..
What is wrong with my Chinese Cabbages
They have all gone to flower.
having never grown them before I'm not sure whats wrong.
I am thinking to much manure..and they have bolted to seed'
if you have any ideas let me know.

I have to tell you about this new blog I was directed to by Tina
at Red wellies and cinnamon swirls.
This blog is called 2nd cup of coffee.....
This is the best 20min you will ever spend on a blog.
"I see what youre doing" is blogging ladies putting videos of themselves
on there blog so that you get to met them..
I have never seen any-thing like this before...You will need time though and a 2nd cup of coffee.
I have tried to make a link to this blog but being handicapped in computers I just can't
work the @#%# thing out.
So go to 2nd cup of coffee then when you get there click on the owl that says
Welcome to I see what your saying...

We really enjoyed our Lazy Saturday here. Hubby spent time with the boys,
fixing push bikes and motor bikes..
Then ridding them..
We had friends over for tea on Sat night as well as Chloe's friends.
There were 15 of us all together. Chloe had 3 of her friends sleeping over.
You know 19yr old girls giggling , loud music, whispering then movies.
To be 19 again.......
Wait I had a baby at 19, I think I'll stick to now!!!

Sunday morning we had a Bar-b-qued breaky Bacon, eggs, toast, juice.
Thanks Chloe as she put this on.
Then of to Church and home for lunch....
Spent Sunday afternoon doing odd bits and pieces.
Had more neighbors drop in Sunday evening.
Just a really nice week-end of building family, friends and memories.

The pictures of the material is what i picked up on sale at spotlight through the week.
The first one was only $2 per metre.
3 coordinating fabrics.
I love this garden print. I can see all sorts of Chrissy pressies
to be made out of them.
The ones above are for my daughters notice board,
as they need redoing. That dress material will look great on her wall.
And the material below is for pajamas.
Lovely and soft 100% cotton. Can't wait to
make these up.
Well now it's time to get back to the
chores, they are still waiting for me.
Have a great day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Lazy Kinda Day

I did say lazy....
This morning I was up and out (with make-up on & hair done) of the house
by 6:30.... not good for a Saturday morning.
I had a local Ladies Breakfast at one of the little churches in the valley.
Going to these community events is all part of living in a small community.
Meeting new people opening new doors and of course learning new things............

This is what a come home to.
Daddy, baby boy and spoilt cat all watching the cricket.
It was at this sight that I knew!
The day was a right off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubby has had to work the last 5 Saturdays, and the jobs are building up around the place.
But you know that sometimes you just have to stop.
Today is that day.

Spending time with the children,
playing with the new puppies,
these are things that will quickly be gone.

I can guarantee that next week the jobs will still be there.
But this day will be gone not to get back again.
Today we choose to live in the moment.

Ladies.....This is for you.
Imagine trying to walk away to do things
and all six babies are still hanging
of your *****.
There's some thing to be thank full right
Have a great week end and live the moment.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Williams Vege Patch

This is the last of Williams veges....

Today William stayed home from school as he wasn't feeling to well, just an upset tummy. As I was looking after his cousins today I kept him home.

When William turned 5 earlier in the year I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. His reply was "My own vege patch" We converted his sand pit into a vege patch and have been getting fresh beetroot, shallots, carrots and tomatoes ever since.......Well today was the last of it carrots and beetroot.........

Having seven children I know that I have made alot of mistakes (just ask them)

but the one thing I know that I am doing right is planting the seeds in there lives to be more self sufficient.

Having always lived out of town our lives have been pretty low key compared to townies. But there was still many changes to be made. We are slowly making these changes......Baby steps.....I have always grown my lettuce and other salad veges, we had fruit trees until last year. But only in the last year have I got more serious about leading a simple and sustainable life. Making our home a haven from the fast pace of the world...........

When your 5 year old asks for a vege patch of his own I think that may-be I am getting some where...... I am on the right track.

We have so far yet to go and so much to learn, but that's life, learning is a journey, I am happy to be making this journey with my children, and they are enjoying it as well...

Today we will dig over Wills' garden and get it ready for the next planting. Here he is with his cousin pulling up the last of it all.
Tea tonight will be fresh carrots, baby beet, lettuce (all from the garden) and chicken. Not alot of variety, but it will be fresh..
We are so used to eating a variety of fruit and vegetables. Now that we are growing our own this to will change as we will only eat whats in the garden.
Have a great day today...
p.s It is so cold here the wind picked up yesterday and it is a cold wind. You can see that Will is wearing a jumper. Last night I was climbing around getting all the blankets back down as we were freezing........crazy weather here.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jacaranda Junction

Now I know that spring is here and summer is right behind. My jacaranda tree is out in bloom.

I have a high house at the front and this photo is taken on the veranda looking up into it.....

The front yard is covered in blossoms and it looks so pretty. I must walk out to veranda 5 times a day just to look at there beauty. They just don't flower long enough......

I don't have a name for my house, and I have often thought of calling our place Jacaranda Junction. It makes sense you see we have a jacaranda and we live on a junction. May-be one day I'll do something about it.

I had a lovely after-noon of sewing yesterday, Chloe needed some summer p.j pants so I made them for her and got two more Christmas presents made. I can't show them as they are for my daughter in-law and she sometimes reads my blog to catch up on things.......Hello Karen.........

The material I made the p.js out of is left over from when the two oldest girls were 2 & 3 years old.I had made them little play suits in this print. It is lovely and soft and cool so Chloe will love them..They are to big though, so I'll have to take them in.........

Yesterday when catching up on a few blogs Our Red House had a recipe for chocolate brownies. Well this recipe had no chocolate in it which mine does.Cheak out Kates blog it is in the side bar. I made it up into muffins for the children's afternoon tea. Well..they loved them said they were the nicest brownies I had ever made.
Thanks Kate you did get the credit..........

Since I have been blogging I am amazed every-day by the wonderful people out there....I know that I feel like I am making friendships, I know others feel this way as well so I'm not crazy!!!!!
Yesterday I left a comment on a blog about my disasters at knitting, and when I checked my comments this morning wonderful daisymum said she would knit me one.........I only know daisymum through blogging yet we are friends, thanks by the way I can't wait.......As I read more blogs I am finding that this is not an unusual thing, friendships are happening all across the globe. I am learning about other countries, even about bears from Suzann at Scrub Oak..So today I would like to honour those that have dropped by and said hello...It has been a real pleasure in meeting you and getting to know you...................

Blessings to all..........


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enter My Gate

Today is crazy hair day at school......... I think the youngest looks cute with orange hair.....

The children get to go wild with there hair. It costs them a gold coin donation to do this. The proceeds will go to Camp Quality which is an non profit organization for families that have children with cancer.

Child hood cancer is some thing that touched our family last year as we lost our nephew to Leukaemia.

Thursday Camp Quality will be coming to the school to do a puppet show for the children, and they will give them the money that they raised today............

Enter my front gate.........

I only realized yesterday that I have eight gates in my house yard.......Now I do love to collect things but I didn't realize that gates was on the list.....

side gate

So to day you are going to get a tour of some of my favorites.The one above was given to me by my B.I.L because it was old......I know that's what I like..........

Pool gate
This gate hubby got from a mate because it was old and rusty. Now hubby new I'd like it. It has only been up a couple of weeks. I have a hedge growing around the pool for some privacy and there was an arch here that was falling down. So I put a gate there of course..........
Shed gate
This gate leads to the shed from the courtyard, which is all painted that wonderful purple. Hubby made this gate many years ago when we put in the court yard.
paddock gate

This gate come from the cow bales when we pulled them down and it fitted perfectly between the gate post and shed. You never know when I might need to drive in here????????
Garden gate
Another gate my B.I.L gave me. It is to short to use, so it is in the garden and each year I grow my sweet peas up it.

Back gate
I have always wanted a gate in this arch shape so hubby made this for me. One day I want a hedge to go along this back fence, that is what I invision for this gate.
front gate to Dairy

When we did the Dairy up I new I didn't want a new gate. So hubby took me for a drive to the local tip (under protest I might add) to look for a gate. This gate was leaning up against a pile of rubbish and I saw it as soon as we drove in..........Poor hubby was horrified he had just made this wonderful back fence and I wanted to put this gate on it......This is my favorite gate and guess what hubby likes it to now..........
Reading back through this I see hubby has been involved with many of these gates.........May-be it's his fetish.........
I hope you enjoyed my gates, I know that I do........Have a great day..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pottering Around

I have just been doing a bit of this and that today......

I moved all my cutting to under this tree from under the veranda. This tree is near my potting shed so they should do really well as they are in dappled shade all day.

The children have been running around playing all day, and the geese have had enough. They turned there nose up in the air told us what they thought of the noise and went to find a much quieter place......

I got the last garden mulched today. This is my little garden up at The Old Dairy. This garden is made up of cuttings in from my garden. Except the roses they where Mothers Day presents.

This is a close up of the rose flowering , I have a row of 4 roses along this fence.

I am off to plant some more agapanthus along the front fence. Then to pick some lettuce for tea.

I have had a lovely day having the children home and pottering around the house and garden. I feel a real renewal today, because I have taken the time to rest and play with the children.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Long Week-End

Friday was one of those lovely days spent in the sewing room.....Few and far between these days.
I have started my Christmas sewing as I have alot to do. My aim is to make at least 2 things a week. These are some little lingerie bags, I also made some pincushions. Thought that I should do some mending as well. I was truly inspired though when I saw what daisy mum7 accomplished in a day.
Friday night we had our community bar-b-que, so it was up to the hall to help set up at 4p.m M.I.L looked after children as Cassie and Robbie had brought friends home from school for a sleep over.
Back up to the hall at 6:30p.m for the barby.......Met some new people that have moved into the valley. We are a small community here and have many community functions, it would be so easy just to stay home, but I think it is important to be a part of a community.

All the roses are out in bloom this is my favorite one Radio Times, big beautiful blooms and a heavenly scent.

One of the reasons I have never had a large vege patch is because hubby is from a farming family.

My Father in-law was always growing veges and fruit so I never had to worry about growing my own. Sadly though he passed away last year....

We still have a few farmers left in the family though. This lovely big bag of spuds was a gift from my farmer nephew, only dug this last week...........Yummmmmm. Potato salad tonight I think.

Saturday I decided to move my potting station. Here it is under the veranda, but it was always a mess.

I have moved it up to the shed that is attached to the old dairy.

I have a potting shed...............
I can be as messy as I like up here. I'm quite excited! a shed of my own. It used to be full of so much junk and over the past few months my handy man and myself have been cleaning it out.

I also got most of the mowing done on Saturday as well..5 hours of it. That is with the push mower though. I save all the grass clippings for compost and mulch. I still have the front yard to do yet.....

This morning was a beautiful morning........Except I couldn't move mu arms or walk......Think I over done the mowing thing....I had muscles I forgot were there...oooowwwwwwwww!!!!!
Hubby took the boys off at 6.30 a.m to the neighbours to watch the sheep got shorn.
I decided to go to the markets before church as it dosn't start till 10 a.m......
I picked up this lovely milk glass candle holder, I have a thing about candle holders......

I also got some more Fruit Trees.
Lime- Tahitian.....
Mandarin-Honey Murcott.

That is 8 different types of fruit we have now, I'm pleased that I have got them all in to wait for the fruit.........

I also got my seeds. Tomorrow I will plant some of these out in my new potting shed....
I have had a lovely productive few days.

Tomorrow is a student free day here in Queensland, so we have a long week-end. Hubby still has to go to work though.....

Well I'm off to finish the mowing. Only 2 hours worth left to do, I love mowing I don't see it as a chore...........

I hope you are all enjoying your week-end........


Thursday, October 16, 2008

All Mulched Up


Today is very dark and overcast with the promise of rain........Late yesterday afternoon a storm went past us and we got nothing out of it, but in the next valley they got 1 inch of rain, but also some bad hail.......I am pleased that we missed out on it.

Below is the material I have picked out for my new quilt. I mentioned on Tuesday that we are learning to make a "stack and whack" quilt...
These are supposed to be quick and easy, which sounds great coming up to Christmas. The only quilting I have done before is ones that I have made up as I went along. Not the best way to try.....
My Mum is a magnificent quilter, so I have never really put much effort into learning as Mum was always making them for me and the children.
I think the time has come to learn myself now and I,m really looking forward to next Tuesday when we will learn to make them, I am hoping though that I won't be stacking and hacking instead of whacking and stacking.

The vege patch is doing so well everything is growing so quickly, must be all that good organic cow poo from the yards.....

Have starting picking lettuce all ready. Yesterday I planted out another dozen.....

Also planted out some herbs,
Basil, Parsley,
Lemon Balm, Thyme and some cat mint for the cats.

Robbie's potatoes are coming along nicely as well' they are at the front of the picture opposite.
He wants to have a go at growing them in straw? Has any-one ever done it this way before? I have been reading a bit about it and it seems straight forward enough........

Put the last of the mulch on the gardens finely, boy o boy was that a big job.
The front garden was the last to do, and with the rain on the week-end every-thing was still damp so that was good.

Got the fruit trees planted this morning. This area of the garden is on a slope and very hot and dry. Don't let the green fool you, that's only because we had had a few showers. The ground was rock hard. On Sunday I'll go to the markets again and get another four or five as I think there's enough room here for eight or nine trees.

Being Thursday I am looking after my niece and nephew today, it was a nice surprise for them to find Grandma is still here. We are having a lovely day together, baby is sleeping soundly at the moment and miss five is watching High 5, M.I.L is sleeping. All is nice and quiet...........

I hope your day is going to plan for you, enjoy it..