Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day In My Life

My Day started at 6:30 this morning..slept in after last night................

Panic stations....every-one out of bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to make the school lunches.

Breakfast was nice and quick, weet-bix.


Time to catch the bus, this is a 4min drive up the road.

Children all on bus, chat with some Mums and back home.....


Put on a load of washing.

Make the beds.

Clean the bathroom.

Update blog and have a quick look at others.


Up to the local hall to set up for our ladies craft morning.....

I started this craft morning about 5 years ago for the local women. Over the years we have learnt many things, but the last 12 mths we have just been bringing what ever we are working on.

Today though I organized some one to come and teach us about stack and whack quilts.
Below is the one my Mum just made me for my birthday(I am so spoilt)
This sounds like a fun quilt to make.

Lots of chatting and yummy food and more coffee of course, then it was time to pack up and back home.


Make lunch for M.I.L I don't need any ate to much at craft.

Do another load of washing bring in dry washing, fold and my dear M.I.L ironed it for me....

Went up to sewing room and put first coat of paint on a lamp that I am doing up.(forgot to take photo)

Played with our new 6 puppies, they are so cute.

Went for walk around garden and pulled a few weeds.


Time to pick children up from school bus.....


Afternoon tea, I didn't have to make any-thing today as one of the ladies made a birth-day cake for me and there was some left. Also the other ladies love to send me home with leftovers from the morning tea ( the children love craft days)

Clean up kitchen.

Bring in towels from veranda.

Get the children out of the pool.


Bath time.

Home work.......Just realized I have a meeting up at the school tonight.....Better get tea under way.

Hubby is home from work...

Tea time.....Sausages and salad. I have just picked my first lettuce this season from the new vege patch.....


In the car, up to Toowoomba for meeting for children starting grade 0ne next year. Things have changed in 5 years with the introduction of prep here in Queensland.



Thanks for joining me today, I am now of to bed........




  1. Mandy

    I am sitting here with goose bumps and giggling at your day.

    It is such a rarity and a pleasure to be able to know that someone else is going through exactly the same sort of day I am !!!

    daisyboy4 starts prep next year although daisyboy7 went to full time preschool so we have some inkling - but it is all going to be so serious isn't it??

    Towels out in the morning in in the afternoon - the bus run - lunches.

    Bless you it is so so nice to know that I as I go through my days you are going through them with me.

    I may even do one of those posts myself in the future!!

    Our daisies are 21,20,17,13,12(at the end of the month - sleep over 6 boys! - that will be worth a post),7 and 4. 6 boys and one girl.


  2. similarities to my morning and afternoon. Is your quilting style easy? Quick? If so, how does it work? If possible to explain over the internet.....