Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Do This!!!!!!!!

This being.............
Sending 10yr BOY to bring washing in from the clothes line!!!!!!
I know I know!
I wasn't thinking ........
Hubby was no help either (BIG BOY)
He came and told me to look out the back door....
This is how my week-end went..
What is wrong with my Chinese Cabbages
They have all gone to flower.
having never grown them before I'm not sure whats wrong.
I am thinking to much manure..and they have bolted to seed'
if you have any ideas let me know.

I have to tell you about this new blog I was directed to by Tina
at Red wellies and cinnamon swirls.
This blog is called 2nd cup of coffee.....
This is the best 20min you will ever spend on a blog.
"I see what youre doing" is blogging ladies putting videos of themselves
on there blog so that you get to met them..
I have never seen any-thing like this before...You will need time though and a 2nd cup of coffee.
I have tried to make a link to this blog but being handicapped in computers I just can't
work the @#%# thing out.
So go to 2nd cup of coffee then when you get there click on the owl that says
Welcome to I see what your saying...

We really enjoyed our Lazy Saturday here. Hubby spent time with the boys,
fixing push bikes and motor bikes..
Then ridding them..
We had friends over for tea on Sat night as well as Chloe's friends.
There were 15 of us all together. Chloe had 3 of her friends sleeping over.
You know 19yr old girls giggling , loud music, whispering then movies.
To be 19 again.......
Wait I had a baby at 19, I think I'll stick to now!!!

Sunday morning we had a Bar-b-qued breaky Bacon, eggs, toast, juice.
Thanks Chloe as she put this on.
Then of to Church and home for lunch....
Spent Sunday afternoon doing odd bits and pieces.
Had more neighbors drop in Sunday evening.
Just a really nice week-end of building family, friends and memories.

The pictures of the material is what i picked up on sale at spotlight through the week.
The first one was only $2 per metre.
3 coordinating fabrics.
I love this garden print. I can see all sorts of Chrissy pressies
to be made out of them.
The ones above are for my daughters notice board,
as they need redoing. That dress material will look great on her wall.
And the material below is for pajamas.
Lovely and soft 100% cotton. Can't wait to
make these up.
Well now it's time to get back to the
chores, they are still waiting for me.
Have a great day.


  1. Sounds like fun Mandy.

    Just highlight what you want the link to be behind and click on the chain like you do with the picture for photos. Cut and paste the link into it. I think that is all. Cut and paste took me ages to learn, you may already know it, highlight control c then click in place and control v.

    Some people use the date stamp for a post or the title to go to the actual page.

  2. It comes up with http:// you may have to remove that first, then has an OK button I think when you have it right.


  4. At least 10 year old boy did as he was told. 12 this friday daisyboy forgot to get the washing off the line after I had told him four times the other day - you know when we had that almighty big storm???

    Sounds like you have a really lovely weekend i dislike working Saturday it seems to cut my family time so much but we need the money so there you go.


  5. What a fantastic & very busy weekend you had. Family & friends make the very best of good memories don't they.Everyone seems so computer savvy on their blogs while I just STRUGGLE so it was reassuring to me to hear that others get stuck sometimes.Isn't it lovely though how someone comments straight away to help -Thanks Linda it helps me to

  6. My chinese cabbage did the same thing!!! Then i wodnered whether it was meant to then I just pulled it out and gave it to the chooks.


  7. I fear that's what would happen if I had an outdoor clothesline and sent my 9yo out to bring in the laundry! :o)