Saturday, October 11, 2008

Easy Saturday

Been having a nice slow day in the garden......

So far we have had 28mls of rain since Friday morning.......Lovely

Under the Mulberry trees all the clivias and bromalads were just in a big clump.

After dividing them all I was able to plant them all around, and they filled in all under the trees.

By just dividing and moving these plants I have a new garden and it has made such a difference.
My plants are getting to the stage where I can start dividing plants. To be able to make new areas from plants I already have is a real sense of joy for me.

Last year I bought two new Hippiastrums at the Sunday markets..

This beautiful pink one.

These are from my Mum they are about 5 years old and I will have to divide them this year.

These are the other ones from the markets, white with red strips, I have no idea of the names though.

It is good gardening weather so had better go back out and do some more digging.

I have to remember to take before photos, so you can see the difference.

Happy Gardening.



  1. Thanks Mandy for all your kind comments. They make my day specially if i wonder why I'm blogging It's nice to get some feedback isn't it.Ha Ha thats me trying to feel positive about dirty dishes.Caroline

  2. Hi there,

    Just dropped by to visit your lovely blog via Remote Treechanger.
    You are so lucky having so much rain, you can send some to us in South Australia if you like, as we are very dry at the moment and the hot weather has arrived. You have motivated me into doing some proper spring cleaning and not trying to avoid it. Love the photos of your home. I will visit again soon. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. It seems you can grow things that I only see in florist shops. Beautiful!