Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enter My Gate

Today is crazy hair day at school......... I think the youngest looks cute with orange hair.....

The children get to go wild with there hair. It costs them a gold coin donation to do this. The proceeds will go to Camp Quality which is an non profit organization for families that have children with cancer.

Child hood cancer is some thing that touched our family last year as we lost our nephew to Leukaemia.

Thursday Camp Quality will be coming to the school to do a puppet show for the children, and they will give them the money that they raised today............

Enter my front gate.........

I only realized yesterday that I have eight gates in my house yard.......Now I do love to collect things but I didn't realize that gates was on the list.....

side gate

So to day you are going to get a tour of some of my favorites.The one above was given to me by my B.I.L because it was old......I know that's what I like..........

Pool gate
This gate hubby got from a mate because it was old and rusty. Now hubby new I'd like it. It has only been up a couple of weeks. I have a hedge growing around the pool for some privacy and there was an arch here that was falling down. So I put a gate there of course..........
Shed gate
This gate leads to the shed from the courtyard, which is all painted that wonderful purple. Hubby made this gate many years ago when we put in the court yard.
paddock gate

This gate come from the cow bales when we pulled them down and it fitted perfectly between the gate post and shed. You never know when I might need to drive in here????????
Garden gate
Another gate my B.I.L gave me. It is to short to use, so it is in the garden and each year I grow my sweet peas up it.

Back gate
I have always wanted a gate in this arch shape so hubby made this for me. One day I want a hedge to go along this back fence, that is what I invision for this gate.
front gate to Dairy

When we did the Dairy up I new I didn't want a new gate. So hubby took me for a drive to the local tip (under protest I might add) to look for a gate. This gate was leaning up against a pile of rubbish and I saw it as soon as we drove in..........Poor hubby was horrified he had just made this wonderful back fence and I wanted to put this gate on it......This is my favorite gate and guess what hubby likes it to now..........
Reading back through this I see hubby has been involved with many of these gates.........May-be it's his fetish.........
I hope you enjoyed my gates, I know that I do........Have a great day..


  1. May I suggest that your new hedge along that back fence be of hedgerow roses?? They are so beautiful and need no water no seriously none. They grow really quickly and when they flower for the one month a year they are simply gorgeous.

    You can get them from Diggers

  2. When I read your blogs today I couldn't believe it and here I am on the way home deciding that tomorrows blog will be all about my places to sit in the garden - after your comment to me about sitting and having a cuppa at the little white table and chairs at the front - and here is yours the same idea about gates!!

    I LOVE GATES, but alas I have only serviceable new type gates no gorgeous old rescued ones - still I can work on that!!


  3. Hi Mandy

    Thanks for visiting www.beforeourtime.com. I'm really enjoying visiting all the blogs of people who are seeking to live a simpler life (whatever we deem that to be).

    Great to see your boys got into crazy hair day. My 8yo was not so keen this year.

    Cheers, Megan

  4. I have only been able to acquire an old gate one.

  5. Do the hedgerow roses do o.k in a fair bit of shade? As this area of the garden is at the end of my rainforest and only gets acouple of hours early morning sun..
    Looking forward to tomorrows blog.

  6. What a wonderful way to raise money for such a great cause! I like both the boys hair. Your gates are great, so welcoming. They remind me of some of Beatrix Potter's stories and I would be looking for Ms. Hedgehog or something!

  7. I will take aphoto later today when I gfet back from the craft show and show you the hedgerow roses on the other side of the gate they are under the shade of two huge pine trees and are flat out getting an hour of full sun a day. Plus they must compete with the pine tree roots and they grow well.


  8. Off to buy some cotton at the stitches and craft show so I cna knit my friend Mandy a dishcloth or two because she has trouble with it.

  9. i just thought id pop in & say hi, i am also a gate fan but only if its had a life {Old & Rusty}ionly have 1 little old gate but when we go on drives i stop all the time to photograph them, they just draw me in.

  10. I love this post. I particularly like old farm gates. We have two small fancy ones in use that were on my hubby's ancestors farm many years ago.