Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Sunday

After Church this morning The youngest and I went to the Sunday markets. I have been putting my pennies aside to go and get some flowers for pots around the place.
Instead I found fruit trees..............
I thought that it was to late to get them......nope........
I picked up four trees.
Orange(Washington navel)
Mandarin (emperor)
Lemon ( Meyer)

Last summer we had to pull all our fruit trees out. There were 10 of them. But they were planted down the back garden and over the last 10 years the palms grew so big that they were in the shade most of the time. They were full of sooty mould and other diseases.
So I have been wanting to start replacing them. I will be going back next week as well as I have ordered some others.

William got some gold fish for the bath come pond up at the dairy.

All in all a good time, nearly wasn't going to go as it looked like more rain, but it still hasn't rained today.

Have got all the mowing done this arvo, so every thing looks nice and green again with the rain we have had.

This evening we are going to our neighbors for tea, they are a lovely older couple that never had children and love our s very much.

My Mother in law has to come to stay for a while again.

The sun has just come out darn................I was hoping for more rain...........

I hope you are all enjoying your week-end.......



  1. Hi Mandy I guess boys will be boys wether it's bulls,motorbikes or whatever.Just Pray Whatever is our life plan will be. I love having edible plants,shrubs etc in my garden, so much more useful than others.My Washington Navel has fantastic oranges(verysweet/juicy) much better than my "Lanes Late Navel" which I only kinda bought cause my youngest son's name is Lane.Have a Emperor mandarin to.Sounds like you had a great w/e & achieved alot as well.

  2. Hello Mandy
    Just found you via Caroline’s blog (The simple Life).
    That little lad of yours looks really mischievous – have the goldfish survived in their new ‘house’?
    With the rain you had recently your new fruit trees should settle in fairly well. We have some forecast for the next few days, with a bit of luck it will arrive. We certainly could do with it.
    Take care

  3. Wonderful. After all my worry about the fish I got this time last year, they have had babies and are easier to see. The pond is still too green but I guess we will get to that one day.