Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Away For A Few Days...........

This will be my last blog until next week.........
I'm of to Charters Towers
to see No1 son and his beautiful wife.
Now you probably think that I go away all the time on my own.
Having been to Cairns earlier on , but I don't!!!
David and Karen moved to Charters Towers at the beginning of last year.
(apparently when you get married you move away) anyway...
Karen is a Teacher at one the boarding schools up there .
She teaches
Physical ed and English.....
That's why they moved up there for Karen's work.
This year David started an adult apprenticeship in small engines.
He used to be a farmer when he was living here not much farming up there though.
When David was at school he did a trainee ship at the motor bike shop and always wanted to
go into motor bikes...Then he broke his arm ( came of his motor bike) and missed out on a apprenticeship........
All things happen for a reason though.
He loves his job and they love the Towers..............
Last year we all drove up there for a long week-end,
but this year we haven't got up there, and I am missing them .
I am flying up there Thursday and will be back late Monday.
And yes I am going on my own as we have had people away on holidays at the work shop
and hubby doesn't feel it's a good time to leave it unattended.
Mind you when you run your own business no time is the right time.
Hubby said I might as well still go though.
Well......I was on the Internet and had those tickets booked so fast
in case he changed his mind...
So today I am busy getting the house cleaned and cooking done.
Latter I have to go to town to get some more fruit and vege and they will be set till I
get back.
I am hopping that I will get time to say a quick hello while I'm up there
if I get time to go on the computer....

Have a great week


  1. Hello Mandy
    Enjoy your time away, have a good break and come home refreshed

  2. Enjoy your break with your boy. I will miss you but by the time you get back boy will I have some sewing photos for you to catch up on!!!! Hope you are taking some hadnwork with you.


  3. Have a Great time away & I love your Stack & Wack is Fabulous...glad you enjoyed the class

  4. Enjoy your break away Mandy, I will await your return.

    Have a great time,


  5. It was nice reading a comment on another blog about your son seeming taller and more good looking.

    I have an award for you, you can see it on my blog.

  6. Hello again Mandy,

    I too have an award for you to collect because your blog is hot. Please call by to collect.

    Hope you are enjoying yourself.


  7. Yet another award Mandy. We obviously all think your blog is fantastic. Come collect it from my blog. Have a great holiday come back refreshed & I am looking forward to hearing about your holiday.